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The AI analysis topic, DoR edition

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:38 pm
by DxDyDzD
All discussion in this post is with respect to this Eerie Lake strat:

I'll start with the most important discovery:
AI avoids attacking Bike if it "locks on" to a base
The AI will not attack your Bike if you have no units within 5 spaces of the neutral base in the S. In the following screenshots, other than the one with the Inf, I skip the Inf build on D2 and build whatever unit on D4 instead.
Image Image
Image Image
X = if unit ends here, Inf attacks bike
N or nothing = if unit ends here, Inf moves 2S1W
Image Image
The AI will even avoid attacking your Inf if it's not within 5 spaces. However, if you attack the Inf with your Inf, it attacks your Bike. Also, in the right pic, the Inf will walk around your Inf towards the base. Note that it only moves 1S on AI D5, not 2S1E.

My theory is that the Inf "locks on" to the base. If the Inf is at full HP and you have no units within the 5-tile radius, it sees the base as "free" and continues moving towards it. Otherwise it switches priorities and attacks your Bike. Abusing this gives your Bike a free run at the HQ.

Long distance AI build manipulation
1) Don't build the Inf on D2. Savestate on D4. Burn RNs until the Inf attacks your Recon on enemy D4, then save to another slot (from the new slot, the Inf should always attack the Recon). Now build different units at your bases/port and watch what the AI builds:
All sea units, Inf, Mech, Bike = Art
Nothing, Recon, Flare, Md Tank, Art, Rockets, Missiles, Rig = Tank
AA, Tank, War Tank, Antitank = Antitank

Any soldier + ...
All sea units, Flare, Md Tank = Art
Recon, Art, Rockets, Missiles, Rig = Tank
AA, Tank, War Tank, Antitank = Antitank
*Soldier + Flare/Md Tank causes AI to switch to Art

2 Flares, 2 Md Tanks = Tank
Recon + Flare = Tank
Recon + Md Tank = Tank
2 indirects (excluding Antitank) = Tank

Recon + War Tank = Antitank
AA/Tank + Md Tank/War Tank = Antitank
Rockets + AA/Tank = Antitank

Antitank + any land unit = Antitank
Antitank + Lander/Gunboat = Art

Note: at the end of the AI's D4, he has 4 Infs (one 5HP), 1 Bike, 1 Md Tank. You have 1 Bike, 1 Recon (9HP), plus whatever units you built.

2) Don't build the Inf on D2. Savestate on D4, this time burning RNs such that the Inf DOESN'T attack your Recon.
All sea units = Art
Nothing, Inf, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Md Tank, Art, Rockets, Missiles, Rig = Tank
AA, Tank, War Tank, Antitank = Antitank

Another difference compared to 1): the base Inf should go S instead of N if the N Inf doesn't attack your Recon.

Short distance AI build manipulation
Follow the strat until D5. The AI builds different units out of the captured base depending on where your Recon ends:
T = Tank at captured base (where the Bike is on)
M = Mech at captured base, Md Tank at NE HQ base
nothing = nothing at captured base, Tank at NE HQ base. Your Recon gets destroyed by the Md Tank. Also, if you destroyed the 5HP Inf, the AI builds an additional Inf/Mech at the captured base.

Re: The AI analysis topic, DoR edition

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:25 pm
by DxDyDzD
Transported Infs and "locking on"
Start Land's End and build a Recon/APC/Tank/AA (basically, any unit that can reach the neutral base in the middle in 2 days) on D1 in the base in the NW corner. Move it all the way E on D2.
Image Image
Left: D3, right: D5 if no moves are made on D3-4

If you move the vehicle onto the neutral base, the enemy TCop immediately goes S and drops.
Image Image
Left: D4 after APC moved onto base on D3, right: D5 after APC waited on D3 and moved onto base on D4

Even the presence of 3 AAs isn't enough to scare the TCop from dropping:
^APC moved onto base on D3 and built 3 AAs

So the Inf/TCop is "locked on" to the neutral base, but unlike Eerie Lake, your unit has to be right on top of the base to cause the Inf/TCop to switch priorities, not just within 5 tiles.

I used APC + Inf to cover the tiles W and S of the base so the TCop couldn't drop the Inf directly on the base. Result: it dropped 1S1W of the base. The Inf still wants to cap that base: if you move the APC on top of the base, the TCop goes far S instead, abandoning the base for a city.

I believe this may be related to another strange occurrence on Tatter River:
On AI Day 10, Black has an Inf right next to her HQ (which you're capturing). Defying all logic, she proceeds to load the Inf into a TCop and move it away from the HQ instead of attacking your capturing Inf.

I delayed the capture on D11 to see where the mysterious Inf/TCop would go. It dropped on the neutral airport NW of the HQ, past the river. With that in mind, I reloaded D10 and put my TCop on that airport instead of moving it 5S1E. Now the Inf attacked my Inf:
Image Image
And this is the sequence of moves that the AI made in both cases. Note that the mysterious Inf and TCop move at different times in each case:
(No change)
Bikes cap
Mysterious Inf loads
4 other Infs move
AA attacks CO Fighter
Recon attacks TCop from N
Full HP Inf loads
Unloaded TCop on forest 1S
Loaded TCops move (other TCop first, then mysterious TCop)
Build Duster + Inf

(TCop moves onto airport)
Bikes cap
4 other Infs move
AA attacks CO Fighter
Recon attacks TCop from S (closer to Inf, now that your TCop isn't blocking)
Full HP Inf loads
Mysterious TCop 1S
Loaded TCop moves
Mysterious Inf attacks HQ Inf
Build 2 AAs

That, combined with Eerie Lake, leads me to conclude that Infs can get "locked on" to a base, and when they do, they are extremely docile, passing up opportunities to attack Infs/Bikes (even HQ-capturing ones).

If you move the TCop onto the neutral airport on D9, the AI builds Duster instead of TCop + Inf. So the AI already decided it was going to use the Inf + TCop to capture the airport on D9 when it built both units, and not on D10 when it could move both units. If the airport was covered on D9, it thought it wouldn't be able to capture the airport, and built a Duster instead.

Re: The AI analysis topic, DoR edition

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:25 pm
Amazing discoveries! Have you tried putting a Tank or AA 6sq away from the S Factory on Eeerie Lake? Or even a Recon? Does the 5sq radius still work? Edit: Btw I think it’s Inf only because the C5 Bike doesn’t seem locked on the Factory, it has much more natural movements (fearing range, estimating…). It can bypass the Factory and go straight for your HQ depending on your moves. Edit: Though I guess it does prioritize capping Factory over attacking Inf. Normally it would attack an Inf I guess. Still attacks Mech though.

I want to figure out the mathematics behind AI attacking you or not too eventually. I think it might be different depending on CO. Pasting:

WOW fudge this game. :( Bike decides not to attack 5HP Vet Tank despite dealing 15% and taking 25% counter, that’s 1050F vs. 625F counter, it should work. :( Maybe the stupid Bikes have a 2× multiplier…
ALAKTORN wrote:Edit2: I think this game might have different AI behavior based on CO… on Fragment Isles, I’ve never seen Brenner’s 5HP Plain Inf attack your Factory Inf, but Lin’s even 4HP Plain Inf can attack your COZ (Penny) Factory Inf.

Re: The AI analysis topic, DoR edition

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:52 pm
by DxDyDzD
Tried Eerie Lake with Tank and the 5-tile theory holds up. Note that the AI builds Antitank instead of Art if you build Tank (though this shouldn't affect the Inf).

Another thing about Eerie Lake: if 2 Infs go S, the lead Inf will attack your Bike regardless of whether you have units within 5 tiles of the base. My guess is that the second Inf "locks on" to the base and the lead Inf loses its lock, so it attacks your Bike instead.

TCop pathfinding sucks lol
Go to Land's End. Build D1 Recon in the NW base and spam Infs/Bikes from the other 4 bases to create a wall. Move the Recon onto the neutral base on D3.
Image Image
Result: the TCop gets stuck in the corner of your Inf wall permanently (until one of the AI's units kills yours and opens a hole in the wall). I built 2 Missiles on D5 and even that didn't dislodge the TCop (though if you build from the N base, it moves into that Missiles' blind spot).
If you open the wall by yourself, you'll find that the TCop is actually locked on to the neutral airport near your bases/HQ.

Re: The AI analysis topic, DoR edition

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:53 am
by GipFace
I'm glad this is real AI analysis with real examples rather than the theoretical garbage that CWT is passing off as knowledge. Fantastic. I noticed that the AI sometimes flew a TCop into your army to capture a neutral industry but never knew the specifics.

Re: The AI analysis topic, DoR edition

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:19 pm
by JSRulz
Great job on this stuff DxDyDzD. You've done a very great job pouring hours and hours of hard earned work into this community. All of your research will definitely play a big role in the future of this game. Keep it up.