My COs (likely unbalanced)

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My COs (likely unbalanced)

Post by Guesty » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:22 pm

(I haven't gotten the game yet, so I don't have much of an idea of balance yet.)


CO Zone: 4

Effect: All Units
(no stars)

All units Armstrong controls in the CO Zone except the unit Armstrong is in have veteran status. The unit the CO is in is in has normal status and cannot raise status.
The cost to put Armstrong in a unit is now 75% of the buying cost, not 50%.

Power: None, but there is a bar. The only purpose the bar serves, though, is to increase the CO Zone.

This is likely on the overpowered side, and I'm not sure if I should reduce the CO Zone.


CO Zone: 1

Effect: Veteran Units, All Units (2 abilities)

Stars (Veteran units): 2 Offense, 1 Defense

All units Zach controls in the CO Zone become veterans after 2 kills, skipping level 2. If a level 2 unit he controls comes into his CO Zone (ends the turn there, not passes through), it becomes a veteran.

CO Power: Scars of Experience

Increased offense against enemy units depending on their status.

Level 0: +40 offense.
Level 1: +30 offense
Level 2: +10 offense.
Veteran: No bonus.

Not sure how balanced this CO is either.


CO Zone: 3

Effect: All Enemy Units
Stars: None

All enemy units in Maya's CO zone use up twice their ammo. (Units with 1 ammo use up all their ammo)

Maya can put her CO in a unit anywhere, not just an HQ.

CO Power: Nullify

Enemy CO abilities become useless for the duration of this power, the enemy CO Zone disappears for the duration of this power.

(Do powers last until enemy turns like in the last game? If not, I'll have to reword the power.)

I wonder if Maya's zone is too big.

Maya's DTD made slightly stronger.
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Post by Guest » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:40 pm

You basically have Lin's maxed zone with the same boosts at 130/130. Forsythe, on the other hand, gets vet status for his unit, pays only 50% of the cost, and has a 5 zone with 120/120 excluding ranks with no COP. I'd say they're almost even, with this CO being a bit stronger especially on small maps. The difference is marginal, however, and the similarity is a little too similar <_<

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Post by Guesty » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:42 pm

Ah, I see.
I guess I can increase the zone, or just scrap it if my other COs are more interesting. The main selling point was actually having a bar (to max out the zone) as opposed to Forsythe, I guess.

Thanks for the input!
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Post by Guest » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:49 pm

whoa wait I swear there was only Armstrong when I made that first post :\

I'm a little hazy on Zach's ability, basically you get vet status for being at rank 2 and landing in the zone OR skipping rank 2 if you make a kill in the zone? If so, it alleviates the problem that 1 zone COs have with difficulting positioning their zones, namely this CO doesn't rely on it so much as boosting his units for hanging out with him. It'll be annoying to deal with, that's for sure. The COP makes puts ranks to use interestingly enough.

Maya's zone effective for the effect but I'm not sure how useful it can be. Units actually run out of ammo faster in DoR than the other AWs, but I doubt it's fast enough to outpace short unit lifespans. This may change things up a little, but it's nothing a rig or city won't fix. The COP is interesting enough, and yes, the COP duration lasts until your next turn. Does it disable enemy COPs in effect too?

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Blame Game

Post by Blame Game » Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:08 pm

Armstrong with a CO zone of 3 was overpowered IMO, I mean his weakness was negligible unless you really wanted to load him into a tank, which isn't that necessary for a CO with such a large CO Zone anyway. With 4, he's rape, but either way he's not too original.

Zach looks underpowered, but that depends on how often you can get two kills per unit. I don't really remember how often that is since I tend not to care unless I happen to get the coveted three, so I may be underrating his abilities, especially since a solid COP is nice (CO zone encompasses the whole map during a power, so all II ranks go straight up to V which is cool) even though it's not easy to obtain it.

Maya is pitifully weak, ammo is still irrelevant and getting rid of your opponent's CO zone for a day doesn't mean anything when you don't have one. I bet if you made the COP last multiple days and had a better CO zone, then this CO would be interesting, but also kind of similar to Penny in a way.

It would be easier to judge CO balance if I knew exactly who we wanted to balance everyone around, so just assume I'm comparing your COs to nice clean Forsythe. >_>

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Post by Guesty » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:41 am

Maya's COP does disable enemy CO Powers in effect.

I'll probably scrap Armstrong because he's too similar to Forsythe. I'm not sure what to do with Zach, and yes, what Guest is saying about Zach's ability is correct.

Should Maya instead double ammo for units of hers that are attacked in her CO Zone? Or maybe nullify CO Zone effects for battles where Maya's CO Zone units are involved?

I'll consider making the COP last more than one turn.

I'll probably focus on Maya and Zach. Thanks for the suggestions!
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