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CCO : Lyon - Lauzauria

Post by thefuzzychickensz » Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:47 pm

CCO Name : Lyon
CCO Sex : Male

Rough Sketch

Bio : Had first been recruited as a police officer and eventually begun a noticeable rise in ranks. His performance on the field in various and even lethal situations had brought him recognition. He avoided army application but had been able to enroll within a counter-terrorist squad. The first mission assigned to him was an anti-riot role. His quick and sharp tactics had saved the lives of many of his comrades when the anti-riot plan had failed miserably. Only soon after his promotion to squad leader the meteors had crashed.

He and his girlfriend had managed to make it out of the devastation alive but is unable to contact any of his other friends from the various neutral countries. Ever since his escape from the hands of death the Lauzaurians had needed all of the help they can get. As much as Lyon hated the idea he volunteered as a commander for the short-handed Lauzaurians.

Dossier: 'Aight! Let's get some!
Trial: Cover your six and hit'em hard!

I'll either sprite it and/or cell shade it later on.

CCO Army : Lazuria

Description : A Lazaurian soldier who boasts with a protective ideal for humanity.

CO Zone -
Range : 2
All units gain attack(*) and defense (**)

CO Power -
Decreases attack strength of all enemies. (**).

More Quotes:

Regroup and flank!
It's nothing personal...but I gotta!
For the freedom of win or lose, to the frontlines.
Soon, shall be your dawn of sorrow!
Come on...strike them!!!
The wheels of destiny shall turn here and now...

Every day of defeat a victory...
Good job soldiers, sleep well comrades.
So fair and foul a day I haven't seen...

CO Power -
Increases attack and defense during counterattacks. (***).
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Post by Delta_Angelfire » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:25 pm

hmm... seems a lot like Isabella but with a weaker CO power. also, the name 'Counterstrike' and the listed effect don't really seem to go together. Maybe give your units extra defense and have them counter attack first? Also, The universal attack lowering would also benefit other enemies in 3 or 4 way battles, which seems to go against the essence of the effect.


Post by artea » Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:54 am

by decreasing the attack stats of the enemy he is making it so that they will harder back, not by much but in some case it will balance out nicely.

That's a famas? (or is it the weird p90 XD)

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Post by thefuzzychickensz » Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:15 pm

Wait...wouldn't all of the enemy's being weaker be a disadvantage to all of them anyway? Don't see how it could benefit one more over the other.
But I've added substitute COP effects.

Yeah, it's a FAMAS(that rifle's probably too small in my sketch...ah well).

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