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A Few CCOs

Post by Chaos-Creator » Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:19 am

CO Joe

Rubinelle Army

An average joe (>_<), working as a taxi driver before the meteors hit. Afterwards, he was injured, but alive. He was found by Brenner's Wolves, and believed in their cause. Burly, big man, who needs a shave. At forty - eight, he is already losing hair, and balding. He has ditched the taxi attire, except for the black shoes, once shiny now muddy. He wears a tank-top stained in sweat and dirty pants.

CO Effect: Transports
Co Zone: 3

Atk: N/A
Def: *****
Other: N/A

CO Power: Transport movement is increased by 2, and are invunerable to all attacks. Effects last for 2 days after CO Power is activated.

CO Adder!? (he got transported to Days of Ruin Universe >_<)


After the meteor hit, Adder joined up with The Beast and his raiders to survive. He believed the raiders were weak, and never particpated in the raids himself. Nevertheless, he received the spoils from the raids. Dude looks like a creep.

CO Effect: All Units
CO Zone: 4 (does not increase)

Atk: N/A
Def: N/A
Other: It takes 40 HP of damage to fill the CO Bar all the way. However, the HP needed to fill it up increases by 10 after each use.

CO Power: +1 Movement. CO Zone still appears during CO Power. It continues to increase again during the power.

CO Rachel

New Rubinelle Army

Was with the army when the meteor hit. Although she doesn't agree with the beliefs of Greyfield, she followed him in fear of death if she didn't. After Greyfield was killed and Waylon fled, she became the new leader. Has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is fit. Dressed in casual clothes, and has a warm smile. Although not believed to be the CO best for the job, she is prefered over Greyfield.

CO Effect: All Units
CO Zone: All (Can't board Rachel in unit. This means there's no CO Zone, but all units can still add to CO Bar)

Atk: None. No default boost.
Def: None. No default boost.
Other: All allied units in the enemy CO Zone have +****** (6) Atk and Def.

CO Power: The Enemy CO Zone is increased by 3. Atk and Def +**. Last 2 days after it is activated.

CO Bob

Lazurian Army

Bob had a job as an architect, leaving in Lazurian territory. After the meteor hit, the only choice for him was to survive by himself or joing the Lazurians and fight. He chose to fight, but his skill in architecture proved him useful, and was soon promoted to CO status. Wears a hard hat, with a set of rolled up plans in one of his hands. He's in a clean white shirt and blue pants.

CO Effect: All Units
CO Zone: 2

Atk: Default boost
Def: Default Boost
Other: All Rigs, even outside the CO Zone, have infinite material. All temporary properties have 4**** defense, and temporary airports can also be built on roads.

CO Power: 2000 funds are given to you for each temporary property built. Only lasts for day CO Power is activated.

I might just run with one of these COs. I think they are unbalanced right now, though.
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Post by Guest » Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:19 pm

The first CO is strange. Offensively you have virtually nothing to work with over bland status and defaults but the COP is alarming with its unit invulnerability for not one but TWO days. Then again in DoR you don't get COP charge for taking damage, so that may be a moot point but so far 3 zone COs easily get their COPs. An APC could hold a choke and give you a lot of room to work with in that time. A tank deals 46% damage assuming bland vs. 160% defending APC. You're better off pulling a Sensei deal with something like all light units (5k cost and under?) getting such and such boost (1 and 3 stars?) and COP boosting movement or whatever, or at least making the current COP just a huge defense bonus like Waylon's (which boosts air unit defense to 410% or something)

"Adder" messes with the game mechanics a bit much. A 4 zone AND 40HP activation limit make it way too easy to get a COP, even if it increases in cost each use. (let alone the fact that you can use it 3 times before having to pay more than what other COs get for their COPs) you don't get any large bonuses but still, take the large zone or shorter cost, not both.

I'm presuming that "all units in the enemy CO zone" refers only to your own units correct? You realize that when the enemy activates his or her COP, all of your units get that 6 star bonus right? Anyhow it's funny to note that if your opponent doesn't deploy a CO, you're both fighting bland. This CO's ability is dependent on the opponent's CO and strategy; it might actually (probably) do more harm than good against a smart opponent although the ability to charge COP no matter where is disturbing. That "increase cost with each use" thing would do better here but with that ability I'd rather use Brennorz anyhow.

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Re: A Few CCOs

Post by DTaeKim » Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:26 am

I have to agree with Guest here.

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