Shadow of Ruin, A complete cast of custom COs

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Shadow of Ruin, A complete cast of custom COs

Post by Delta_Angelfire » Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:41 am

So, I had an idea for a custom campaign using edited COs. There are 12 of them, and each replaces one of the original characters. Because of that, and the fact that I'm looking for extended feedback on them, I'm splitting this off from my usual Custom CO Topic. None of the old characters will make an appearance as a CO, so if you could rate or evaluate them in terms of internal balance (i.e. not compared to the official COs, but just to each other), It would be more helpful. Thanks!

(Note, all COPower Stats replace standard bonuses)
Hero - Zak+, Zone-3 Replaces Caulder
Atk -3, Def+1, Heal+2
No CO Power
Protagonist and former head of the IDS Research Division based on the Great Archipalaego, half a world away from where Brenner's wolves fight for survival. Developer of applied energy weapon and armor technology, which allows for both greater flexibility in combat, adjustable disscharge strength, and auto-maintenance capabilities. Also a leader in medical regeneration techniques through the application of nano-technology.

Hero - Andrea-, Zone-3 Replaces Isabella
Direct-Fire Vehicles, Air and Naval units costing 13000 or less
Atk-2, Def+2, Heal+2
Atk+2, Def-2, Mob+1, Rng+1
Andrea was at one point a freelance mechanic and general good samaritan, but when Zak found her and offered her the latest tools technology had to offer (which survived the meteors, that is), he gained an invaluable ally. Andrea can repair just about any machine that moves, but not those with complicated electronic setups. CO Power - Energy Zenkai

Guard - Genbu+, Zone-3 Replaces Brenner
Direct-fire Navy, Tanks
Atk+2, Def+2, Mob-1
HP+3, Atk+9, Def+9, Mob-9, aura also affects all direct-fire ground units
Genbu is the Leader of the Viridian Guard. He is a stickler for the law and protector of his realm. Hates Pirates and Raiders of all sorts, and earned him the nickname "Blockade". COPower - Steadfast Resolve

Guard - Suzaki-, Zone-2 Replaces Gage
Atk-4, Range +1
Atk-1, Range +3
Suzaki is a commander in the Viridian Guard who specializes in long distance combat. Her prefferred weapons setup allows her indirects to fire with additional range, but at greatly reduced effectiveness. COPower - Outrange

Guard - Tsui+, Zone-5 Replaces Forsythe
Infantry, Recon, Flare
Atk+3, Mob+1, Vis+4
No CO Power
Tsui is the captain of the Viridian Guard scouting patrols. He often provides support to Genbu and Suzaki in Fog of War conditions, but also has some experience in guerilla warfare tactics. He always has an intuitive grasp of his surroundings.

Fanatic - Rune-, Zone-2 Replaces Will
Direct Fire Units
Atk+2, Def-3
Atk+20, Def-7, Mob+2
Rune became a religious icon after the meteors fell, the leader of the cult of the Golden Sun. While she is not necessarily evil, it is very difficult to reason with her once she has chosen a path, no matter what means that path may call for. COPower - Martyr's Charge

Shadow - Jorgandr-, Zone-2 Replaces Waylon (M+3)
Fighter, Bomber , Rocket, WTank, Bship, Carrier
Def+33, Mob+3
Jorgandr is the leader of the Shadow Brigade and carries the symbol of a venemous white snake. She will destroy all who oppose her will. COPower - Venom Strike

Shadow - Hel+, Zone-2 Replaces Lin
Indirects and troop transports
Atk+2, Def+2, Mob+2
Atk+2, Def+2, Mob+4, Rng+2, Piercing Vis+4
Hel is Jorgandr's second in command. A covert-ops soldier specializing in sabotage, Hel attacks from the shadows and disappears before anyone even knows he's there. He bears a symbol of a shadow of man, given to him by Jorgandr. COPower - Shadow Barrage

Shadow - Enri-, Zone-4 Replaces Tabitha
All Units
Atk-6, Def-1
8hp Meteor, Atk-3, Def+2, Vis+2
Enri is a unique existence. While generally weak, the scent and sight of blood call forth a terrible presence hidden deep within her. When she rages, devastation is rained upon the earth. She bears the crest of the wolf, given to her by Jorgandr. COPower - Ragnarok

Merc - Ryuu+, Zone-3 Replaces Greyfield
Navy, Copters, Infantry, Bikes
Atk+2, Def+1
Resupply, Atk+3, Def+2
A former cpatain under Genbu, Ryuu eventually grew tired of enforcing laws and protecting common people for little reward. He found that a life of piracy and plunder for hire was far more profitable. COpower - Supply Raid

Merc - Friya-, Zone-2 Replaces Penny
Light armor mechanicals - Dusters, Gunboats, Recon, Flares, AA
Atk+9, Def+3
3 days of weather
Friya, though once comrades with Jorgandr and Hel, could not bring herself to follow them after the meteors fell. Their desire for destruction and some unnamed power were too much for her to accept. However, when they kidnapped and tuned her younger sister Enri, they made an eternal enemy of Friya, who now seeks only to see Jorgandr to an early grave. COPower - Winds of Change

Merc - Breach+, Zone-0 Replaces Tasha
Atk+6, Def+6, Mob-2, Rng-1
Atk+3, Def+3, Mob+2, Rng-1 to all
Breach, while at first appearing as no more than a war-fanatical ape with a gun, is actually a fairly reasonable man off the battlefield. The lone survivor of an elite special ops team, Breach just does what he think he needs to survive. On the battlefield though, he holds nothing back, inspiring fear in his enemies and bloodlust in his allies. COPower - Blood Rage
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Post by Guest » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:37 am

Infinite zone is messed up. There's the problem of getting COPs too easily and the problem of having suck attack while your CO is out but also boosts defense. That's like 70/130 assuming the default zone bonuses stay. Your COP also practically gives all enemy units a firepower boost. The fact that you'll get it often may offset this in your favor however and this CO will enjoy indirect maps with loads of cover.

The Caulder replacement, while not as strong, is still iffy. If you get it so your units can't be attacked too many times at once i.e. at a choke, you can exploit the HP regen. I presume you have to pay for your repairs though. It'll still be tough to contend with unless you're using an offensive CO so you can reliably take out her units whose stats aren't too shabby.

The Brenner replacement is... Brenner on tanks. I think I'd rather stick with normal Brenner. Assuredly your tanks will be able to take a preemptive hit and shrug most of it off but I'm not sure how balanced that would be. A given CO on tank spam maps.

The Gage replacement is a mixed bag. I see Gage as being subpar except on super indirect happy maps; while you get increased range your attack will be limited so building your COP will be awkward maybe.

The Forsythe replacement brings up the circumstance where your infantry can make it to certain properties a turn or two before your opponent. I presume the D2D applies only to infantry and not mechs and bikes since a later CO makes that distinction, is that correct?

The Will replacement makes first-strike a necessity but you're more open to counterattacks (from different enemy units, not the ones you attack) than most. The zone bonuses supplement this CO favorably however. The COP is way out there, I suggest toning it down. Is kinda like Grimm but without the buff to indirects which may hinder the CO. I also find the CO zone mechanic more helpful to defensive COs than offensive ones especially if they have reduced defense such as this which makes the infinite zone CO even more dubious.

I find the Waylon replacement just as situational as Waylon. There was a CCO that buffed expensive units under the AWDS setup and was just as unhelpful even with the super fast charge rates. I suggest toning down the bonuses, increasing the zone to 2 at least, and stretching the affected units to medium tanks or something.

The Lin replacement is more akin to Gage. I realize you're not necessarily retrofitting more different abilities to the various COs but hey why else would you point it out. I'm not sure what to think on this one honestly although I suspect it's not above middle tier given the specialization. Then again, extra movement never hurts.

The Tabitha replacement is questionable. COPs only build by dealing damage don't they? So... yeah. How does the meteor target stuff, HP or monetary?

The Greyfield replacement looks just like Greyfield. Sure it's not as powerful on sea only maps but it's just an assortment of buffs to X units and who seriously plays on sea maps? This is particularly bland if you ask me.

The Penny replacement is much like the Greyfield one except even more specialized. It doesn't get much over the old Penny and I find the 3 zone is much easier on getting COPs than 2s. Does this CO even receive immunity to weather?

The Tasha replacement is like a mech-only Tabitha. I'm not sure what the exact numbers would be but you get something of a mini-medium tank that can move over mountains and rivers. I don't know about this one.

It's difficult to make a custom campaign with exclusive COs balanced relative to each other; you could make it so each CO can take out each other and call it balanced but that's anything but. This isn't much of a problem here but some of these COs are wonky like the infinity zone and meteor bait and the rest just seem like rehashes of the old COs. We could say that about all CCOs eh. For what it's worth, this is how I'd compare these COs right off the bat:

for attractive people
Andrea - Caulder-lite, 120/120, good zone, hard to kick out once entrenched
Zak - piss-poor atk traded for def, will get COP, excels in range games because of that
Genbu - general use tank spam CO for open maps

situational maybe
Rune - basic +atk/-def, think direct Grimm
Tsui - better in Fog and ok out but may yield income advantage depending on map
Hel - speeds up artillery and transport, COP does more in Fog
Suzaki - like Gage only really useful on indirect maps
Breach - useful when mechs are, bad with multiple wide fronts that a super mech can't cover itself
Ryuu - just ok boosts limited by not affecting tanks and artillery
Jorgandr - limited by availability of specialty units
Friya - even more limited than Jorgan, weather immunity?

Enri - large zone offset by pathetic atk to build COP

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Re: Shadow of Ruin, A complete cast of custom COs

Post by Delta_Angelfire » Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:06 pm

For replacements, I wasn't really going for altering the current COs, I was just using their skills (since with the editor, you can only change boosts and which units get them). So anyone who used Penny as a base will have the weather immunity, and Have her COPower. COPower effects other than stat changes are fixed on a character (for now).

For Enri, I wanted to try to make a CO that had to fight differently, Most of the damage she deals is meant to come almost exclusively from Meteor strikes, while the army plays more of a support role.

Suzaki - I remember Grit being one of the "Broken 3" from Dual Stirke, But I still liked the idea of increased range indirects. I tried to balance that out with a lower damage capacity.

Tsui - Since his infantry are the only things to recieve bonuses (And you're right, it's only infantry) I thought it might be enough of a handicap to offset a possible small advantage in funds. Remember that bikes still exist, and still move farther under most circumstances.

Breach I tried to turn into a less broke Tabitha. One Uber unit that uses his COPower to make the rest of the army Semi-uber. This was the solution I came up with for the "One-man army" concept.

Zak is also meant to get his Power off almost everyother day, so I tried to make it a little weaker. His original Boosts had him at another -1 attack on D2D and on COP, maybe I should put it back?

So anyway, as I understand it your list basically translates to


Both good and bad points


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