CCO Concept Ideas, hopefully they're decent

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CCO Concept Ideas, hopefully they're decent

Post by Guesty » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:15 am

These COs are inspired from game mechanics from another game series, and the second CO's DTD is based off one of Blame Game's COs in Custom Wars (whose name escapes me), except it may actually work in the zone system.

I have no idea if the COs are over or underpowered.


Zone 2
All Units
Power Boost
Attack 2 Stars (+20)

CO Power: Support Attack
For this turn, a unit may "support attack" if adjacent to the supporting unit, in range, and is able to attack the target. If the unit is a direct, it may be 2 spaces away from the target. The supporting unit will attack after the supported unit and will do 25% of the normal damage to the enemy. The support attacker will then take 1 damage of recoil if the combined attack doesn't KO, 3 damage if it does.



A = Attacker
S = Supporter
T = Target

Both A and S are directs which can attack T. A support attack is possible from this position.

This one is an indirect CO which approaches things differently from Gage. Inspired from the idea of Blame Game's indirect CO, the idea of which may actually work under the zone system.

Mark (a play off "marksman")

Zone 3
Indirect Units
Defense 1 star (+10%)
Sharpshooter Boost

All indirects in zone get +1 range, however, shooting a unit in this extra range results in -35% power (so 75 attack for indirects including standard zone boost) and ammo used is equal to (current ammo-1) unless there is only 1 ammo left in which case all ammo is used.

CO Power: Hit and Run (ability name and effect inspired from a game)
Penalties are removed. All indirects may move after firing (NOT the other way around).
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Re: CCO Concept Ideas, hopefully they're decent

Post by Platinum_Dragon » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:58 am

This is just another Isabel with a different COP for your direct units, and removal of movement bonus for your indirect units. Your "front line" units become 155% during COP if you place your units properly (in meta-games the placement of units are "always" properly). COP yields 155/110. So you're saying you cannot compare 155/110 to 130/110? Your CO may be overpowered because of the COP in some situation. The idea is nice, but maybe you are stronger than Isabel (the strongest unbroken CO) in any good combine arms situation. Actually, most of your units are 155/110 while the other few are 130/110.

Your comparing +25 attack (for the majority of your units) to +1 movement for all units.Which is better? If movement is better than anyone would choose Isabel over your idea, but if the +25 attack for most of your unit is better (which is majority of the case if you have cluster of units) then they would choose your CO, which makes your CO at the borderline of Broken.

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