My DoR CCOs.

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My DoR CCOs.

Post by backtothetanks » Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:04 am

If I think of any, I'll just post them here. "-" means that stat is lowered by 10, so a unit in the COZ with a - in defense would have regular defense due to the default +10/+10

Biography: A Lazurian commander with a strong sense of honor. Has a great respect for soldiers that die in battle.
Quote: "Fight! Fight for your fallen comrades!"
CO Zone: 2 (3?)
CO Effect: All units acts as if they had +1 HP (even units with 10 HP)
:power: Spirits of War: All enemy units take 1 (2?) damage, and all of your units gain 1 health. Units may have 11 health this turn.
Victory Quotes:
"They may be gone, but they are not forgotten!"
"The souls of fallen heroes have carried us through the day."
"War is not a game!"

I remeber that in AWDS +1 HP meant:
+1 capture for foot soldiers
+10 attack
+1% defense per terrain star
+1% Luck range
Is this also true for AWDoR? I also need advice for the size of his COZ and damage from COP

Biography: Before the meteors, he was a very religious man. When meteors destroyed his city and killed his family, he joined the Beast and started commiting atrocious acts of violence. He still feels guilty for what he has done.
Quote: "Maybe He is testing me?"
CO Zone: 2
CO Effect: All units Attack** Defense -
:power: Deadly Sin: All units gain +30% attack and foot soldiers gain a +5 capture bonus. All units take 1 damage after killing an enemy or finishing a capture.
Victory Quotes:
"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."
"Are you OK? I...I mean, HAHAHA, wimp! (I sure hope he's OK...)"
"Go to Hell! (I'll be there soon enough...)"

General Smith
Biography: A member of Brenner's Wolves that was nominated to become the new leader due to his battle experience and friendship with Brenner.
Quote: "This one's for you, Bren."
CO Zone: 3
CO Effect: Infantry, Tanks, Artillery, Copters, Cruisers Attack* Defense**. CO Unit is free.
:power: Air Support: Select two enemy units. These units suffer damage as if a Bomber with 110 attack attacked them. Using this power does not force your CO unit to wait.
Victory Quotes:
"Brenner's Wolves will never be stopped!"
"All troops! Check for survivors!"
"I almost started to enjoy that."

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Re: My DoR CCOs.

Post by HPD » Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:36 am

well, at least in AW2, and I believe AWDS as well, had terrain defence multiplied by the fraction of HP of a unit. So on plains, a 10 HP unit would receive 10% terrain def, while 6 HP would only give 6% extra def.

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Re: My DoR CCOs.

Post by DTaeKim » Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:34 am

It's still the same in this game.
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