New CO Roster (A WIP)

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New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by Shuffles » Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:21 am

I'm working on a new roster of COs, for what I hope will be a Romhack for Days of Ruin. I want to incorporate new maps, new COs (naturally) and factions, and perhaps new graphics. The story and scenario will be entirely new, taking place on terraformed Mars, a new frontier where unbridled capitalism gives rises to conflict between settlers, PMCs and other opportunists. This is sort of a pipedream at the moment, but bear with me.

Faction: MFTFA (Martian Free Trade Federation Army)
Profile: The son of a colony-leader. Maury studies war tactics to help defend his home from Tartarus, an armed division of the Martian criminal underworld that exploits small colonies.

CO Zone: 3
Boosts: Ground Units
Effect: Atk +10%
Def +10%
Each defensive star adds 10% to all ground units' attack power for this turn.

Notes: I haven't checked to see if anyone else has done a DoR Lash-clone yet, but it sounds like a fun idea, especially for one of the main characters who'll be used fairly often. I haven't thought far ahead enough as to how I'll get this to work in a romhack though.

Faction: Telstar Group
Profile: An enthusiastic and strong-willed CO, with a preference for offensive strategies. Member of a circle of COs loyal to Dr. Aurelius and his goals. If her personality is a facade for something more befitting her name, then it's a very convincing one...

CO Zone: 1
Boosts: Direct-Attack Land and Air Vehicles
Effect: Atk +30%
Def +10%
Direct-attack land and air vehicles gain +1 Move and +1 Vision, including hiding places.

Notes: Pretty much an average-out of Tasha and Lin. A tad situational, but not useless outside of air battles or FOW.

Faction: Telstar Group
Profile: Another of Dr. Aurelius's "Stoics", at times he shows an almost eerie level of obedience to his superior's cause, but seems to act normal enough most of the time.

CO Zone: 1
Boosts: Soldier Units (Infantry, Mech, Bike) and Indirect-Attack Ground Units
Effect: Atk +10%
Def +30%
+1 Move for Soldiers and Ground Indirects, and +1 Range for Ground Indirects.

Notes: Not much to say about this guy, but with the tactics popular now, I can see him being used in a Meta-game.

Faction: Tartarus Syndicate
Profile: Has shady connections with many Martian PMCs. Is cut-throat, business-like, and always dresses impeccably.

CO Zone: 2
Boosts: All Units
Effect: Def +25%
When attacking (not counter-attacking), units in CO Zone earn funds equal to 20% of the damage-cost inflicted.
CO Power: None.

Notes: A money-based CO... But this guy's nothing like, Colin or anything right?.. Right? Balance aside, isn't there a glitch/handycap for Tabitha that causes her meter to only charge on her turn? I like the idea of Franklin only gaining funds when he attacks to discourage walling, so in terms of making the special CO effect work on a ROM, I could use something similar.

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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by DieselPheonix » Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:01 am

Do the stats include the default zone benefits of +10/10?

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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by A Guy » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:21 am

The last CO seems underpowered compared to Brenner, who has one larger zone.
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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by Shuffles » Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:55 pm

DieselPheonix wrote:Do the stats include the default zone benefits of +10/10?
No, these are just the stars.

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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by DieselPheonix » Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:41 pm

On the last CO, you might consider no stat bonus and a funding rate something along the lines of 50%. The lack of a CO Power may even allow for a zone of 3, but at 50% I wouldn't be sure. On the other hand, it's only active while attacking. The defense just feels tacked on, I mean, and it's a little odd with the 5% increment.

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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by thefuzzychickensz » Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:04 pm

Maury is indeed interesting, but I'd say either make a full legit-Lash (terrain cost=1) or, some other terrain effect, I'm not really sure. (edit:)Perhaps maybe +20% firepower per terrain star?(end edit) His COP is somewhat weak even when comparing to Wil, atleast imo.

And for Melancholy, I think the movement boost and see-through-reefs-and-woods ability should be enough, the extra vision may be situationally..powerful considering the new scouting system. (Dusters and recons ftw)

Lucian...I lack much to say about him except an easier to use Sami. Although I'd prefer a balance of offence and defence (+20/+20, rather than +10/+30) but considering it's Indirects as well the damage may seem too useful in most situations.

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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by Terragent » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:01 pm

Two notes.

Firstly, I seem to recall Xen saying that attack/defence boosts in DoR that weren't in 10% increments were effectively unhackable because of the star system. Don't take my word on this, however.

Secondly, Tabitha's no charge on enemy turns has a very specific reason - charge only builds in DoR when the attacking unit is in the CO zone. Since she starts with a charge of 0, enemy units can never be in the zone and therefore don't give her any charge even when they run up and get slaughtered in their thousands.

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Re: New CO Roster (A WIP)

Post by Xenesis » Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:16 pm

No, no quite the opposite. You can have attack/defence at any values you like.
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