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Veterancy-based CO

Post by daedroth » Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:39 pm

So now that it looks like DoR is facing impending doom with the end of its wifi service, I wanted to get this little idea out while I still have the chance. I've always just been an offline player, but I've enjoyed following the DoR meta through the years ever since back when WW1-style infantry+artillery meatgrind was the way to go. Seeing Advance Wars gradually evolve from that to what it is now is one of my fondest memories in gaming.

This is definitely not an original idea, but I've always wanted to try making a balanced version of a DoR CO based around veterancy. I never came up with a name for the CO, but I once got it in my head that if AW5 ever comes out, mixing the old artstyle and characters with DoR's game mechanics would be nice, and perhaps IS could give Nell these bonuses instead her old luck boosts to make her more interesting to play. I tried to balance her against Lin and Tabitha's stats.

CO Nell

Zone size: 2
Boosts: units with veterancy
+10/+10 for each veterancy level

CO Power: Promote
All of your units gain one veterancy level

(Veterancy stats in zone)
0: 110/110
1: 125/120
2: 140/130
3: 160/160

Since Nell's CO unit is 160/160, this would give her the second most powerful COU among the viable COs. She will need to leverage this advantage early on since her units only start off as 110/110. As the game goes on Nell will be able to rely more on her army as some of the units gain veterancy instead of throwing everything behind her COU like Tabitha. In general her soldiers will be very weak, but she has the best heavy tanks in the game and also has an affinity for anti-air and possibly artillery. Her playstyle will focus on a lot of individual unit micromanagement and unit preservation to grow her pool of veterancy and keep it from dwindling.

Her CO power can allow her to effectively deploy a heavy tank much earlier than normal. Saving funds for a md/war tank, using her COP, and using the tank to destroy an enemy unit will immediately give her a 140/130 tech unit that can become 160/160 with one more KO. It will be up to the enemy to quickly cripple or destroy the tank, and also destroy any of Nell's units that are becoming too highly leveled. Bringing out 2-3 veteran heavy tanks will probably be enough to win a match.

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