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A Guy
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CCO: Rex

Post by A Guy » Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:36 am

CO Zone: 2
Boosts: Land units costing more than 10,000, sea units costing more than 16,000, air units costing more than 13,000
Offense **
Defense ****
CO Power: Bulwark
All units normally affected by his CO Zone become immune to indirect attacks for a turn.

So the idea with this CO is to have someone who can better utilize niche expensive units. Their biggest problems, besides having to pay a lot for them, are their immobility for all but the bomber and how easy it is to cost-effectively attack them and render them useless - or at least deny them an area - with long range units. This CO would, at the cost of the first weakness, be able to shore up the second one and make pushes with his COP.


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