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CCO Gully

Post by TehMutaRuzh » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:25 am

Boy this brings me back :3

CO Gully

An aerial daredevil that loves to fly and go fast. Gully's adventures lead her into perilous places, but an upbeat attitude and intense momentum keeps her flying quick and true.

"Into the wild blue yonder!"

CO Zone: 1

Ability: Skydriver
Grants +10% attack and +10% defense to all units. Grants an additional +40% attack to Seaplanes. Whenever you join units within the zone, the resulting unit is refreshed.

CO Power: Comet
Replaces the CO Unit with an 8HP CO Seaplane that can take orders, and deploys a 4HP Seaplane that can take orders in each empty tile adjacent to the CO Unit. Extends the zone over the whole map.

Victory Quotes:
"My missions are always done on time."
"You've been delivered a crushing defeat!"
"I am the rolling thunder!"
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