Halo 5 and other arena shooters

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Re: Halo 5 and other arena shooters

Post by daisy » Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:12 am

Pkdragon wrote:I think that there's an interesting argument buried in the genre argument- you're arguing that there's no decision making, and I'd take that a step further actually- player decision making is a desirable game element, regardless of genre. That it happens to be a hallmark of tabletop RPGs like D&D is simply a reason why D&D is a decent source to draw inspiration from.

I don't enjoy most older JRPGs, tbqh. For me, the genre started getting good in the PS1 era, and got solid in the PS2 era. More on that later, I need to go to work lol
I should clarify:
When I say "decision making" I mean the kind of crumpets that will affect the outcome of the story. I don't mean "Hmm should I replace Thunderbolt with Thunder on my Pikachu?" I'm talking blowing up Megaton in Fallout 3, or killing Mission/Juhani in KOTOR.

I don't know if you've ever played KOTOR, but it's one of the only games I've played that makes me not want to be evil because of guilt. If that's not roleplaying (narts) then...yeah...

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