Days of Ruin - Timer Patch (US Version Only)

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Days of Ruin - Timer Patch (US Version Only)

Post by Xenesis » Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:21 pm



What this does:

Forces the Random Wifi Timer Functionality at all times
If a map already has a timer at game start, the timer will be left as is
If Timer value = 0, a timer of ~90 seconds will be set.
This affects every game mode I tested in single player, Multiplayer testing later!

As NDS files are larger than the 16mb supported by IPS, you will need to use a different patcher for the format: xDelta GUI will apply xDelta patches.

Code: Select all

020D3468 E59F015C ldr     r0,=#0x2168F08
020D346C E1D021B0 ldrh    r2,[r0,#0x10]
020D3470 E3520000 cmp     r2,#0x0
020D3474 03A02015 moveq   r2,#0x15
020D3478 05C02011 streqb  r2,[r0,#0x11]

58 00 7E 02 08 40 2D E9 5C 01 9F E5 B0 21 D0 E1
00 00 52 E3 15 20 A0 03 11 20 C0 05 4C 01 9F E5
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