Sturm for AW:DS (WIP)

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Sturm for AW:DS (WIP)

Post by Deathtoallhallow » Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:38 pm

So I'm completely new to this site except for to download mods. I used to do some editing of FE but nothing serious. I always wanted to play as Sturm in Dual Strike but I never could so I made the closest thing I can get to Sturm which is just a reskin of Rachel with a few modifications. Let me warn you of this though THIS IS NOWHERE NEAR COMPLETION. This is just a thing I made in about 2 hours tops. The pallettes are not right (I'm working on that), Sturms meteor is just 3 missiles that do three damage each, his bottom half isn't the same color as his top half, his Bio isn't right as well as his abilities, and I haven't replaced all of his faces yet.

Okay now that that's out of the way I can get on to what I have done. He has no COP, but his SCOP cost 8 stars and fires 3 missiles, each doing 3 damage, the missiles are based on Rachel's missiles so they will do what Rachel's missiles do. His day to day is a 20% boost to attack and defense for all units and when he uses his SCOP he has a 50% boost to attack and a 20% boost to defense. He has a -50% (I think) to all CO dual strikes except for with Blackhole troops from AW2 and Von Bolt which he has a -30% (I think) to there dual strikes. So he should work alone. I think I might have forgot to remove a 1 star support with Von Bolt but it's just appearance, as that I mean it should not affect anything.

I hope I can finish this Sturm but it's highly unlikely and feel free to edit the file yourself and give me a few pointers on what I should do. One of those pointers could be Rachel's pallette pointer :wink:. I wish I would have taken screen shots, but I'm not on my computer any more so I can't now. I hope this fulfills your desire to be Sturm as much as it did for me! This patch is an XDelta patch so you will need XDelta to patch your game. I hope I didn't screw up :) .
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