Tales of a goat: CCO's story Part one: Backstory and Trako.

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Tales of a goat: CCO's story Part one: Backstory and Trako.

Post by MisterTrako » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:51 am

Since this is the first time I'm introducing CCOs, I would also like to make an introduction to the story that involves the characters I'll be uploading soon. (WARNING: A little too much reading, incoming! :twisted: )

"First Story"(A previous story I'm still building, and might be a prequel to the hack I'm making): In the beginning, There was only 4 countries (The 4 from AW 1), suddenly a great enemy appeared in between the shadows, bringing destruction and dominating everything next to it. There was a moment when they were only 4 COs left to battle:

- :ge: Jurhan, a Green Earth Commander who was specialized in vehicles and taking decisions under a lot of pressure (He's basically Jake/Jess, with a hard personality but a good man after all).
- :os: Amelia, an Orange Star hyperactive and gleeful commander always willful to aid others.
- :bm: Gabe, a Blue Moon young CO who had an incredible talent for trading and controlling the weather.
- :yc: Mr. Kotako, a mysterious Yellow Comet CO who was rumored to be the Emperor of this country in disguise.

After a great battle in between the combined forces of Orange Star and Green Earth, against the invading army of Black Hole, lots of speculations were made out of the doubt that kept everybody worried, after they defeated the Black Hole remaining army, they noticed the COs never decided to shown themselves and rather escaped; and with that doubt rums were heard that they would come back, and they would murder any of the COs responsible for their humiliation.
By the time the rumor turned massive, Jurhan already had a wife and a kid, and in order to keep them safe, he decided to send the kid and the woman to Orange Star, where they would change their nationality, and the kid would be educated under the parameters of the O.S. Army; after this was done, no one ever knew or heard anything from Jurhan anymore...
Some said he passed out after escaping desperately, some said he got out of the country to hunt the COs down; others said he simply disappeared because the war was affecting his psycke.

I haven’t come up with names for now, for the countries, so for now I'll leave them with the original names.

So by now we know a couple of things, and I'll explain some things:

1) Jurhan was the G.E commander, and now no one knows where he is. :geshorts:
2) Amelia was the O.S commander, best friend of Jurhan, but after the events, she rather decided to stay on O.S, instead of trying to hunt down the remaining members of B.H., so after the events, she kept a low profile. :os:
3) For now, no one knows what the heck happened with the Black Hole members. :bh:
4) Jurhan's child is named Trako, and he with his mother were sent to live at Orange Star. :geshrug:
5) Trako's mother's name remains a mystery. :lol:

Now let's continue.

Trako's Back-story before the events in the game: Trako's life begins in the hard minded country of Green Earth (I’m not having a creativity boom atm), in his early years (2-3 years old), he and his mother are moved to Orange Star, where he's educated with less restrictive parameters, compared to the other country; during his scholar era, Trako always seemed like a pretty shy and, rather cowardly boy, in comparison to his father, who was a very brave and competitive man. He was afraid of heights and sea too, however his intelligence was something that grew him a positive reputation above the previous mentioned introverted personality. He became quickly best friends with Yuki, the child of Amelia who was equaly happy and a little hyperactive, but with a sometimes rude fight spirit that even overshadowed more Trako's shade. One day during his classes, Trako had to decide what he would do with his life, and during a long night of reflection and was told many times by his mother, about who his father was, he finally decided that he had to face his biggest fear, so he joined the Air Forces of Orange Star, and after years of training and study, he quickly obtained the degree of Captain and Air Commander, after facing his biggest fear, people began to notice how talented the boy was not only to fly planes and air machinery, but also after he defeated his fear, that had another hidden talent, he was an excellent strategist and he could also come up with great plans and tactics under hard circumstances, elements that he didn’t know they were given by his father.
At the age of 18, everything seemed like it was the right time, so the boy could finally lead the Orange Star Air Forces, until the unexpected occurred. Black Hole returned, and this time it was willing to take the countries down, as expected, Green Earth and Orange Star were the main forces attacked, however, G.E suffered the biggest damages, and was about to come down, Trako by seeing this, decided to do what was a betrayal, he escaped the country and no one knew anything about him until years later.
Green Earth had no COs available by the time Trako arrived, because they rather died or were missing, like Jurhan, so basically many people asked to yield, but the army desperately asked anyone if they could join and have a quick training in order to become COs, in between a crowd, Trako raised his hand, explaining his story, and after not too many minutes of thinking, the Green Earth forced decided to make him an official CO, and after succesful missions, he also became the Green Earth Air Forces Commander, and one of the Commanders of the Entire Army.

So with this I have introduced two COs of the current story, Trako and Yuki, soon I'll be uploading their respectives "profiles" in the CCO folder, here in the website, so uhm...I hope you guys have readed this without or before falling asleep from boredom :lol:, so...I'd be uploading more parts so you can continue with the story if you like it, I'll see you guys later, thanks for reading, have a good day. :gesalute:

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