"Airnike presents: Cop Mafia!" Signups

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Re: "Airnike presents: Cop Mafia!" Signups

Postby Airnike » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:12 am

Preparing to start the game right now. Last-minute entrants deposit requests here ASAP.
The preparations should take a while, but you will notice when you receive Role PMs and the game's topic is made.
I'll be on the IRC for a time.

- Role PMs: Sent
- Topic: Made
- Balance: Done
MysteriousLad be like:
Oh hello, I am MysteriousLad.
Do you know when I was an OP player? When I wasn't in WWN and massclaims were legit good? Yea I miss the days I could force town to claim, rout out the mafia, and win the game for free day 3. Sometimes without being killed!
Senpai HPD notices me everyday when I'm town, do no scum play, and still get lynched day 1.
Anyway, it's time to go and ask people to claim and go lynch those who don't with my high-skill OP role.
I am MysteriousLad.

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