CCO Tourney Round 1: Frank vs. Zed

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Which CO do you like better?

Poll ended at Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:51 am

CO: Frank
CO: Zed
Total votes: 11

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CCO Tourney Round 1: Frank vs. Zed

Post by NovaCid9 » Fri Apr 14, 2006 2:51 am

Thanks for waiting. I just didn't have the energy to post last night. So, today we begin the second half of the first round of the CCO Tourney. Normally, these rounds would last three days. Unfortunately, three days from now is Easter, and I won't be able to get to my computer then. So, these next five rounds will last four days instead. With that out of the way, let us begin.

In this corner, created by Frankdeslimste, the procrastinating, fuel-loving, also high-gas-price-hating CO, Frank. And, in the other corner, created by HPD, the scientific, polite, and somewhat unexperienced, at least in the realm of war, commander, Zed.

Name: Frank
Army: :ge: Green Earth

Description: He’s a rather short man. He has brown hair. He wears a green overall (looks like andy’s) and a red cap. He has no facial hair, because he’s fairly young. He has the intention to rush things, it doesn’t always work out for him. And the fact that he’s lazy isn’t positive too. He always wait as long as possible too do things fast. But he does it good when he does it.

Bio: Frank never knew what he really wanted to do in his life. He was always wandering around and thinking what would be a good job. One day he met an old friend. They were all talking about stuff and then frank asked if he had a good idea for a job. His friend works in the military and he said that it was a good job. He really thought it would be something for Frank. Frank was excited, he never thought of the army, but when he had the idea he just wanted to do it.
So he signed up for the green earth army, because he lives in green earth. The first few months there wasn’t really much to do. They only trained. But then begun the second Black hole invasion. The first halve of the war he was stationed in the middle of nowhere. They had to drive a lot of kilometres/miles. There wasn’t much fighting, but there was a day were they had to fight against adder. All the troops had fuel problems because of the long distances they drove. They had a really hard time fighting with low gas tanks. So they lost, it was very depressing for Frank. That day Frank realized how important fuel is.
He had a second battle later, but now they were prepared and everyone filled their gas tanks. The morale was high because now they wanted revenge and they hadn’t fuel problems, so they really wanted to win. And they won with impressive strength.
The second part of the war he was paced on a area were there was much more fighting. Most battles went well and were won. But there was bad day there. Most of his colleagues didn’t mind their gas tank. Frank warned them, but they didn’t listen. Frank always minded his gas tank, because he didn’t want a repeat of what happened before. So you could guess that on that bad day most of his colleagues had fuel problems. Frank and a few others hadn’t problems and fought on. They managed to beat the attacking force. Frank had quite a role in it, because he came with tactical idea’s. The commander had fuel problems too. That made him very popular.
When Jess heard of this she was enthusiastic of Frank. She also thinks fuel is really important. So Frank hadn’t much problems to rose in the ranks. And when the war was done he even made it to be a CO. Frank was really happy he found a good job. He’s a young CO, but he always tries his best. Only it’s too bad that he got lazier. He still tries his battle, but before the battle he’s very lazy.

:hit: Jess, laziness
:miss: Fuel problems

Pros: The more fuel he has, the stronger he is. The stats are different depending on how much fuel the units has.

99-fuel units: (Infantry, Neotank, Fighter, Bomber, B-copter, T-copter, B-ship, Cruiser, Lander)
Fuel Strength defense
- 99: 125 115
- 90-98: 110 100
- 80-89: 100 100
- 70-79: 90 90
- 50-69: 80 90
- 20-49: 75 85
- 0-19: 70 80

80-fuel units: (Recon)
Fuel Strength defense
- 80: 125 115
- 70-79: 110 100
- 60-69: 100 100
- 50-59: 90 90
- 25-49: 80 90
- 15-24: 75 85
- 0-15: 70 80

70-fuel units: (Mech, Tank, APC)
Fuel Strength defense
- 70: 125 115
- 60-69: 110 100
- 50-59: 100 100
- 40-49: 90 90
- 30-39: 80 90
- 15-29: 75 85
- 0-14: 70 80

60-fuel units: (A-air, Sub)
Fuel Strength defense
- 60: 125 115
- 50-59: 110 100
- 40-49: 100 100
- 30-39: 90 90
- 20-29: 80 90
- 10-19: 75 85
- 0-9: 70 80

50-fuel units: (Md Tank, Artillery, Rockets, Missiles)
Fuel Strength defense
- 50: 125 115
- 40-49: 110 100
- 35-39: 100 100
- 25-34: 90 90
- 20-24: 80 90
- 10-19: 75 85
- 0-9: 70 80

The strength doesn’t count for the APC, T-copter and Lander. Only the defense.
Also the APC has 1 extra movement.

Cons: Because Frank got lazier he doesn’t think much of the gas tanks. He thinks you can do that in battle too. He always tend to things on the last second. So it’s the same for taking care of fuel. Here’s a list of the begin fuel;
99-fuel units: 79
80-fuel units: 59
70-fuel units: 49
60-fuel units: 39
50 fuel units: 34

Also, bases don’t refuel when you build your unit. So say you build a Neotank. It will start out with 79 fuel. The day after your unit won’t be refuelled. But if you let it with another day it gets refuelled. So bases do heal only not the first turn after you build something on it.

Power bar:

:power: Refuel
All units are refuelled to the maximum. All enemy units will lose ½ of their fuel. And all you units won’t waste fuel this turn. So you will have maximum fuel the whole turn.

:super: Power of fuel
All units will be refuelled to the maximum and will get a extra +15/10 boost. (including standard defense). So units will be 140/125. The opponent will lose ½ of their fuel. And the fuel cost will even be doubled this turn!

(S)COP Quotes
-“Don’t underestimate the need of fuel!”
-“I could use some extra fuel”
-“Looks like you are running low on fuel”
-“I’ll prove the usefulness of a fuel tank!”
-“Is that a empty gas tank I see?”

Victory Quotes
-“I’m glad we didn’t run out of fuel”
-“See, fuel is always necessary!”


Name: Zed
Alliance: Image Turquoise Corona

Description: Zed looks kinda like the stereotype professor, with white hair standing in every direction and a bald crown. He doesn't wear any glasses, though. In his left hand, he holds an hourglass at about the height of his eyes. He wears a white lab-coat that almost reaches to his shoes. Behind his lab-coat, he wears a brown set of pants and shoes.

Biography: Originally, Zed worked for the Turquoise Corona government, as one of the most skilled scientists. In these days, Zed was very specialised in petrol chemistry. He made a lot of discoveries, mainly on fuel efficiency and refinery. It was especially interesting for the TC Army, which was in dire need of improvements. Turquoise Corona's economy was getting boasted because of these discoveries, and the country started to consume more and more oil. This also made him a prime player in the oil crisis that followed a few decades after.
In the civil war that followed on the oil crisis, Zed became more and more affiliated with the TC army. His knowledge of the small amount of oil that was left was needed to win the war. Eventually, TC more or less won. But the oil reserves now only had a few drops left.
Action had to be taken. TC planned to send out an army and tankers to uncharted territory and search for oil in lands that have been forgotten in the centuries that had passed. Zed needed to go with them on this journey, and was trained as a CO in the period between the civil war and the search for oil. During this period of time, Zed became particularly interested in the workings of time, and he made some interesting new discoveries on the manipulation of time. These discoveries eventually made their way into the TC army, and are now used by Zed to give him an extra edge in combat. These devices are still in an experimental state, though, and cannot function all the time.

Note: Zed will not appear in the Turquoise Corona campaign.

Personality: Zed is very intelligent, but he's not yet very experienced with warfare. He is also very polite and isn't known to be rude to anyone, not even his enemy. He hates to rush things, he likes it a lot more to sit down and work things out slowly.

:hit: Science
:miss: Rush hour

:skill: Without his time-devices active, Zed is just a plain CO with 100/100 stats for all units.

Power bar: :smallstar::smallstar::smallstar::smallstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar::bigstar:

:power: Flashback
Zed's units use their time-devices to turn their position backwards to their starting point.

All of Zed's units are set back in the initial place they were on at the start of this turn. Any units built before triggering the COP will be reverted back to funds again, so no unit collision can occur.

:super: Reset the Clock
The time-devices start working on their maximum ability, fully resetting the clock to the start of the day.

In addition to the effects of Flashback, all HP lost by Zed's units this turn is regenerated (destroyed units don't come back to life, though), fuel and ammo lost this turn is replenished (except for the daily fuel loss of air/naval units) and all of Zed's units are allowed to move again.

Power quotes: "I need more time!"
"This will only take a minute!"
"Your time is running out!"
"This just isn't your lucky day!"
"I don't have time for you!"

Victory quotes: "Wait a minute, I win!"
"You need to work on your timing."

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Post by ThrawnFett » Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:11 am

Gosh... such a hard choice...


Anyway, I'm gonna vote Zed because Frank beat me in the CCOT Tourney a while ago (grudge'd). And because I think a lot of the newer people won't see Zed's potential...
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Post by DTaeKim » Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:57 am

I will have to vote for Zed. Frank is well-designed, but there's so many numbers to keep track of for the fuel. I love the strategy aspects behind Zed, as it allows for so many possibilities with movement.
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Post by Kireato » Fri Apr 14, 2006 4:28 am

I don't look at my fuel gauge. And starting to look at them is a big no no.
Additionally, all your built units start out with 90/90 stats and they become even weaker as soon as they start moving...
I don't enjoy the powers either... The COP is fine I guess, but the SCOP is just a stretch on the fuel part.

Zed on the other hand... is a bland CO with long power bar. When I play, I like to either have a day to day boost to rely on or a quick power on which I can rely. Fortunately, this CO still has interesting abilities.

The COP... You can advance, attack and still be where you started. It's awesome if the opponent is careless. It does nothing for indirect units. But for direct units, it helps. A fighter can attack a T copter which was meant to lure it into Missile range and get out, doing damage without putting itself into danger. In fow, it's interesting to attack and leave the opponent absolutely unable to destroy what attacked it...

On the other hand, it's absolutely annoying to be unable to advance and seriously, this is a power I'd not consider easily to use. I can consider some interesting situations, but really... It's usually better to advance and position yourself further. This doesn't make the COP specially attractive and makes the bar look even longer.

The SCOP is obviously a retake on Eagle's power. (Bet you didn't expect to hear that! :D) Except without Eagle's problem and advantage: Eagle's troop wear out as they attack more, but they can position themselves farther and pull incredible tricks of movement. This SCOP is great for anyone who's careful. You can destroy quite a lot and move your indirect after they've taken a shot at the opponent's troops...

My vote goes to Zed, though I'm no fan. Simply, because of the long bar, this CO has to endure the enemy's powers and quite a number of unit losses. I'd rather play Hawke... His powers don't mind a unit loss or lack of health and his day to day is an excellent tool.

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Post by Frankdeslimste » Fri Apr 14, 2006 5:24 am

You don't actually have to look at it and explore every detail. It's just that the lower the fuel gets the lower the power gets. But if I wouldn't be posting the stats everyone would be complaining that they don't know the stats. ;)
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Post by Liam » Fri Apr 14, 2006 5:33 am

Hmm, Frank's CO makes advancing quite difficult, but I think HPD's Powers are balanced by the long power bar. Saying that though, I'll vote for Frank as I like his idea of the more fuel a unit has the stronger it is...
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Post by amospiritus » Fri Apr 14, 2006 7:45 am

I'm voting for Zed as that time-travel phase tech sets my geeky heart a blazing.
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Post by Banzo803 » Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:18 am

Zed he's a fantastic CO and one of my all time favourites, plus Frank is way too complicated tbh.
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Post by Tronn_Bonne » Fri Apr 14, 2006 10:46 am

My vote goes to Zed. Frank is a clever idea but is one that I think is a little too complicated. Zed, on the other hand, has many interesting strategic applications and is fairly original.
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Post by x0_000 » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:11 am

Hmm, a tough choice indeed. I like both COs but Zed is more appealing to me in simplicity. However, Frank makes use of an interesting (if not already used) idea that seems to favor indirect usage a bit. But my final vote goes to Zed nonetheless.
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Post by Sven » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:14 am

I'm sorry, but Frank makes my head hurt, not to mention that using more APCs then necessary doesn't strike my fancy.

Vote goes to Zed.

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Post by Yuganon » Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:15 pm

I like both COs, and complicated isn't a problem for me. However, I hate 100/100. HATE. Vote goes to Frank.
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Post by Nembras » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:17 pm

My vote goes to Frank. A simple concept that nonetheless implies many tactical considerations. APC become really valuable now, since they effectively give the units around it a big power boost.

I also like Zed very much. His (S)COP is original and unique, and also opens up a wide range of strategical and tactical possibilities. It's a pitty I can't vote for both COs.
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Post by DTaeKim » Sun Apr 16, 2006 2:26 am

I want to bump these to the top, so more people can vote.
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Post by NovaCid9 » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:54 am

Wow. I'm late again. Regardless, this round is done. The voctory goes to Zed. Congratulations HPD.

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Post by HPD » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:56 pm


GG, Frank.
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Post by Frankdeslimste » Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:41 am

Congrats with the 'voctory' HPD! ;)
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