AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

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AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by Translucent Air » Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:25 am

While this one's not particularly as interesting as the "Base Capture" challenge, I would be rather interested in knowing the earliest perfect S-Rank time. My previous best from a few years ago was 11 days until recently cutting it down to 10 days a few days ago.

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  • Capture the lab (or rout all enemies) in "Sea of Hope" in 10 days or less!
Tips & Notes:

You unfortunately can't bum rush the lab with a single loaded transport copter as Adder crowds the majority of his forces onto the northern island, subsequently fortifying his defenses, so you need to bring a vanguard with firepower to clear the way. Obviously, Sensei brings the most bang for his buck with his battle copters and transport movement, so he's likely the main choice to lead Yellow Comet here. What I've found is that Sami is able to prevent everything but the four enemy units on the northernmost bridge from entering the lab area, so Sensei's copters can handle that small force fairly easily, especially with his CO Power. Nonetheless, some creative placement and manipulation, and a little bit of luck, does still appear to be necessary to handle the drop successfully.

In fact, Kanbei can perform as well here. He can pretty much follow the same moves made by Sensei for a 10-day win, using his increased unit defense to make up what he lacks in battle copter firepower. Also, despite her lack of offensive and defensive bonuses, Sonja can surprisingly complete this challenge as well. So, it may be possible that Sensei can complete faster if funds, movement, and offensive capabilities can be further optimized.

AWRevival might provide a starting point with its 13-day solution here: Sea of Hope. At the very least, the preview of Adder's movements there will probably reveal how difficult it is to make the drop under usual conditions.

Sample endgames for each CO are shown in below:

Image Image Image
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Re: AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by donnytondesterkste » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:08 am

I assume that, despite the fact that you're aiming for a perfect S-rank, you will have the hardest time getting a technique score that's above the 100 point threshold. Adder has 2AA, 2 missiles, 2 cruisers, AND sidewinder. I don't see how you can be both careful to protect all your copters and fast enough to rush there in 10 days.

That's just my first thoughts, I haven't tried it yet. Usually when I play that mission I use up 15+ days, with Kanbei building 4-5 bombers and blowing the whole place to hell.
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Translucent Air

Re: AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by Translucent Air » Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:55 am

No, not at all. You might be surprised at how inept the AI can be.

The northern missiles is a stationary unit that won't move unless it needs to repair after having its HP brought down to 2HP or less. Also, due to the poor movement range of missiles, you can easily trap the southern unit with a copter and battleship, eliminating that threat shortly afterward. The cruisers coupled with Sidewinder, could have been a threat, but the AI doesn't quite know how to manage those units and tends to move the southern cruiser into copter attack range with Sidewinder (with no need for a decoy). With cruisers' meager defense against battle copters, especially Sensei's, that one is easily neutralized. The other one makes itself a busybody moving back and forth trying to catch up to the copters it potentially can attack while the copters move into and then out of the safe zone on Sami's side of the sea. (You can also manage Adder's CO Powers by opting to or not to attack or destroy units at certain times.)

The only time you really take losses is when invading the island the lab is situated upon. Nonetheless, Sensei's inherent copter offense and Copter Command easily make the battle copter vs. anti-air match-up a viable attack option. With around 6 battle copters supporting the paratrooper drop, there should be enough units around to provide a solid defense, especially since the northern missiles tend not to attack when overwhelmed. So you'll have three, maybe four, losses there at worst.

Finally, you also have 6 cities in the area under your control and one, if not two, uses of Copter Command at your disposal. So, at minimum, you get one free allied loss from use of Sensei's CO Powers. You will also most likely have 14,000 G. coming in daily for at least the last five days, with an additional 2,700 G. when Copter Command is used.

In short, you should have no problem reaching 20 units by Day 10. Of course, the challenge is primarily trying to get everyone to attempt to beat the mission before Day 10, so technique may quite well be harder to achieve in any win in less than 10 days.


In fact, you have even enough properties that Kanbei can achieve 300 pts. in 10 days as well, though maybe not quite as elegantly. An income of 12,000 G. is enough to supply a deployment of a battle copter (10,800 G.) and infantry (1,200 G.) each day. As you won't need to deploy a battle copter daily in the final days, coupled with three bases allowing for cheap deployment, even Kanbei can reach 20 units by the end of the mission rather easily, though he often may lose even fewer units than Sensei. (I've updated the topic with an endgame picture for Kanbei, as well.)


Unable to make headway on a 9-day win, I was surprised to learn that Sonja could achieve the 10-day feat, too. Like her father, she ends up relying on a 1HP transport copter to the capturing infantry. Unlike her father, as she lacks staying power, she needs to lure an anti-air further away to allow later forces to set up a blockade. She also is likely to lose the most units out of all three COs, but she can deploy 30 units with preparation - whereas I've only lost 4 units at most and as few as 2 units depending on Counter Break. In the endgame above, the eastern anti-air was previously located on the bridge, too far away to reach the infantry from the north (and can sometimes be nullified with help from Sami, though not necessary). A battle copter south of the infantry was destroyed by the other anti-air while the infantry does not attack. As few would consider picking Sonja for this mission, I found it rather interesting that she's able to compete in "optimal" time.


Re: AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by Blackbird » Sun May 30, 2010 6:07 am

Yahoo! We've got a new record. 9 Days, 300pts on Sea of Hope!

This was an extremely challenging map; at least as tedious as Rivers Four. As usual when pushing a map, there's a lot of luck involved, and you must constantly micromanage Adder's movements. Precise timing is needed when triggering his SCO power to ensure that his units move into advantageous positions and don't destroy vital units.

I had been really struggling on the map with the B Copter strategy. I got to thinking about it, and it made more sense to produce some T Copter + Mech pairings; the T Copters cross the map faster, provide bait for the AAs, and the Mechs are far better at destroying the AAs than B copters are. I utilized them later to bait AA units away from Adder's HQ.

I made good use of Sami's forces, too. The opener allows you to attack Adder's Bomber with your Cruiser first; weakening it significantly and greatly reducing the damage your B Ships take. I prevented all units except one crippled Md Tank from fleeing, I destroyed the central Missiles to clear the way for a solo B Copter to attack the Northern Missiles, and I baited the Cruisers into moving along the western side of the map so that my B Copter could move it's maximum distance every turn.

I believe this is a Sensei-only strategy. His increased T Copter movement and powerful specialist units were instrumental. I decided not to save my file for now, and I believe I could reproduce the strategy if you all are interested in the D2D.

Edit: Actually, testing it with other COs, I think Sonja and Kanbei might be able to clear in 9 Days as well, with some modifications to the strategy. It's definitely easier with Sensei, though; more leeway.



Translucent Air

Re: AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by Translucent Air » Sun May 30, 2010 1:42 pm

A year later, a successful challenger appears! Congrats on the record, Blackbird. I'll see if I can try to come up with a solution within a week, but feel free to post your day-to-day before then.

-Translucent Air


Re: AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by Blackbird » Mon May 31, 2010 12:47 am

I've recalled the obvious solution of saving the D2D to a text file so I can continue the campaign in the meantime =P. Lol. It's too bad you can't backtrack to previous campaign missions in AW2 like you can in DoR.

I'll post it up in a week or so, but you'll probably figure it out before then. Good luck!


Re: AW2 Campaign Challenge: Win "Sea of Hope" in 10 Days or Less

Post by Blackbird » Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:38 am

Here's the D2D for Sea of Hope in 9 Days! Beware spoilers if you still want to figure it out yourself ;). I'm interested to see what you guys come up with regarding this strategy. It may well be that you can improve it. I speculate that Sonja and Kanbei may be able to use this strategy as well, with some adaptation.

Sea of Hope (NC)
9 Days
Recommended CO: Sensei

Sensei Day 1:
Deploy a T Copter1 in central airport.
Deploy a Mech to load into the Copter.
Deploy an Inf in the remaining central base.

Sami Day 1:
Move Northern B Ship 2N, 1W.
Remaining B Ships attack SE Rockets and Tank.
I've never had a problem with the Cruiser getting attacked, but I usually move it 2W as a precaution.

Adder Day 1:
Adder must have a specific movement pattern this turn.
The Rocket 2S of his APC must move 1W, 1S onto the beach directly West of the solo reef in Sami's area of the map.
Your B Ships will take minor damage.

Sensei Day 2:
Save here if Adder moved properly.
Load Mech into T Copter1 and move 1E, 6N.
Move Inf 2E, 1N.
Deploy T Copter2 in central airport.
Deploy an Inf to load into T Copter2.
Deploy T Copter3 in western airport.

Sami Day 2:
Attack Tank with northern B Ship.
Attack Md Tank with 10HP B Ship.
Destroy Rockets with remaining B Ship.

Adder Day 2:
Again, Adder must mave several vital movements this turn.
Adder's Bomber must move to a space 3W of your northern B Ship (within attack range of your Cruiser).
Both of Adder's Rockets must move to or wait directly West of the solo reef in Sami's area of the map.
Adder's Recon must not advance across the NE bridge (generally it decides to wait instead).
It will probably require some tedious save/loading to get all the required movements at the same time. Keep at it!

Sensei Day 3:
Save here if the required movements occur!
Move T Copter1 7N.
Load Inf on base into T Copter2. Move 1E, 2N and drop Inf N.
Move remaining Inf 2E,1N onto woods.
Move T Copter3 1E, 2N.
Deploy B Copter1 in central airport.
Deploy Inf in eastern base.

Sami Day 3:
Move 10HP B Ship to a position 1S, 1W of your northern B Ship.
Destroy Tank with northern B Ship.
Attack Md Tank with remaining B Ship.
Use Sami's CO power if it's charged.
Save here.
Attack Bomber with your Cruiser from the East. Match should end 7-4. (Sami's Cruiser is cursed. It often does 5 damage, despite inflicting a minimum of 58% damage!)
Use CO power if it wasn't ready before.

Adder Day 3:
Adder uses Sidewinder.
Adder's B Copter attacks T Copter1. It must survive (with 1 HP remaining...).
Adder's damaged tank must not attack/damage your Infantry.

Sensei Day 4:
Save here. It gets easier from now on. Adder's movements are more predictable.
Move T Copter1 2E, 2N.
Move Inf on Bridge 3N, begin capturing airport.
Load woods Inf into T Copter2. Move 6N, 1W.
Move B Copter1 6N.
Move T Copter3 2N.
Deploy B Copter2 in western airport.
Attack APC with remaining Infantry if able.

Sami Day 4:
Move western B Ship 1S, 4W. It should be in the dead zone of Adder's Rockets.
If Adder advanced his Recon, destroy it with both remaining B Ships. Otherwise, Move northern B Ship 3W and southern B Ship 3N, 1W.
Attack B Copter with your Cruiser from the East.

Adder Day 4:
Adder's B Copter should attack your capturing Inf.
Adder's Cruiser destroys T Copter3.

Sensei Day 5:
Move T Copter1 1E, 6N. Drop Mech S.
Move T Copter2 7N.
Move B Copter1 6N.
Move B Copter2 5N, attack Cruiser.
Deploy B Copter3 in central airport.
Attack APC with remaining Inf, if able.

Sami Day 5:
If Adder advanced his Recon, destroy it with two B Ships and attack Missiles with the remaining one. Otherwise, destroy Missiles.
Attack Bomber from a safe location, if you can.

Adder Day 6:
Adder's AA destroys T Copter1.

Sensei Day 6:
Move Mech 1N, attack AA.
Move B Copter1 6N.
Move T Copter2 1E, 5N.
Move B Copter2 3E, 3N.
Move B Copter3 6N.
Deploy B Copter4 in central airport.

Sami Day 6:
Destroy AA with eastern B Ship, if necessary.
If eastern B Ship has <8 HP, join another damaged B Ship to it.
Destroy Missiles, if it remains.
Destroy Bomber, if it remains.
Sometimes Adder's Cruiser moves into range of your western B Ship. If you have an attack free, attack it.
Adder's SCOP must be charged by the end of this turn.

Adder Day 6:
Adder uses Sidewinder.
Adder's AA destroys your Mech.

Sensei Day 7:
Use your CO power.
Move B Copter1 5N, 1W. Attack Missiles.
Move T Copter2 5N, Drop Inf W.
Rip Adder a new one. Destroy damaged B Copter and Tank in the south. Destroy Mech, Cruiser, and APC if able.
Deploy Inf and T Copters from all bases.

Sami Day 7:
Attack AA with B Ship.
Attack with remaining B Ship (not vital).

Adder Day 7:
Adder's AA attacks your T Copter. It must survive.

Sensei Day 8:
Destroy Missles with B Copter1.
Move T copter2 2W.
Begin capturing Lab.
Deploy Inf and T Copters to up tech, if needed.

Sami Day 8:
Attack units with B Ships. Not vital.

Adder Day 8:
Adder's Inf must not attack yours (never observed this, but it might be possible).

Sensei Day 9:
Complete capture.

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