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Post by Messenger Of Dreams2 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:54 pm

I have discovered a new AW2 SCO Power that is broken than the rest, even Victory March. It is able to end a battle instantaneously, and it is actually done by Hawke.

While I was playing AW2 Hard Campaign on Navy Vs Air, I was sneaking a battleship and lander with a mech into his HQ while he raped me on the chokepoints, and had a 90% chance of winning a b**ch of a battle when Hawke Pulled out his SCO. As you could imagine, I was already P.O.'d that I'd be losing 2hp on my units, but then Hawke decided not to do ANYTHING, not even ending his turn, thereby ending the battle. I sat and watched for 5 minutes and the units did its little animations, so it wasn't technically a freeze up, the cheating b**tard decided he simply wasn't going to do anything, and since we can't do the logical thing and attack while he's being a d**chebag, everyone's stuck there, and I'm forced to shut the DS off and start again. LOSING MY ENTIRE BATTLE STATUS AS I INTENDED TO FINISH IT IN ONE SITTING. I mean, you'll call me stupid, but I wasn't expecting this. :( F**K YOU HAWKE. F**K YOU.

So, yeah, we can all consider Hawke, literally, broken. :P

(Obviously this is a joke, but this really happened to me. Pissed the hell outta me)

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