AW1 & AW2 character buffs & nerfs

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AW1 & AW2 character buffs & nerfs

Post by revivingadvancewars » Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:26 pm

Advance Wars 1
Andy - Hyper Repair heals all by 3HP instead of 2HP
Max - (D2D) Direct units are 125/100 instead of 150/100
Olaf - Blizzard lasts an extra day
Drake - (D2D) Air units are 90/90 instead of 80/80
Sonja - (D2D) No bad luck ; COP creates Fog of War for the opponent for 2 turns.

Advance Wars 2
Andy - SCOP stats are 130/120 instead of 120/110
Hachi - Power meter is xxxXXX instead of xxxXX ; During COP/SCOP, units cost 70% instead of 50%
Olaf - (D2D) No rain penalty ; SCOP damage all enemy units by 3HP instead of 2HP
Colin - (D2D) Units are 90/90 instead of 90/100
Eagle - (D2D) Sea units are 80/100 instead of 70/100 ; COP puts air units at 150/140 instead of 130/140
Drake - (D2D) Air units are 80/100 instead of 70/100 ; SCOP damages all enemy units by 3HP instead of 2
Jess - (D2D) Vehicles are 120/100 instead of 110/100 and Infantry/Mech aren't affected by 10% penalty.
Kanbei - (D2D) Units are 120/120 instead of 130/130 ; Power meter is xxxxXXXX instead of xxxxXXX
Sensei - Infantry/Mech spawned during COP/SCOP have 6HP instead of 9HP
Flak - (D2D) Luck is +25/-10 instead of +15/-10 ; Bad luck on COP and SCOP reduced by 10%
Adder - Power meter is xXXX instead of xxXXX
Sturm - (D2D) Units are 105/105 instead of 120/120 ; SCOP cluster does 6HP damage per unit instead of 8HP and stat boosts are +30/+40 instead of +40/+50

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Re: AW1 & AW2 character buffs & nerfs

Post by ThunderWalker » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:13 am

3HP mass damage is really, REALLY overpowered.

Take a look at Xen's hack - which is a fairly well balanced version of AW2, there are just only a few things I would have done differently from him, most notably Sami's Super CO Power which is one of the most obnoxious things in the game and desperately needs to work differently (instant capture being a broken mechanic), and Sturm being a staller (80/120) as he is his AW1 Versus self. I think I rather have him with Grimm's stats; 120/80 (120 is sufficient because of Xen's heck utilizing the AWDoR damage formula).
I'd likely also add the Veterancy system from AwDoR to add some incentive to keep units alive.

Considering the thread is rather burrowed:
Assume version 2.1 is the final one; Xenesis is no longer working on it, and if he is, I don't know about it :P
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