An Honest CO Review, Part I

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An Honest CO Review, Part I

Post by GlitchWarrior » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:37 am

Hey, y'all! I decided I wanted to randomly review the CO's, so here I am! I'll be rating them by game, so the first eleven CO's appear here, then the next eight, and then the last nine, followed by DOR. I'll also rate them by campaign appearance, meaning Nell appears first and Caulder last. So, anyway...

1: :os: :nell: Nell
This woman has everything going for her. I'd basically call her Andy, but with luck. Seriously, she will NEVER deal less damage than intended, and in fact may deal more than any other CO with the same damage rate. Her :power: makes it even more ridiculous, and if you spring her :super:, the enemy has already lost. If only she weren't so bland. I constantly forget her presence outside of the tutorial, and in VS. mode I forget she's playable. My sister? Not so much; she's only played Nell thus far and is GOOD at it.

2: :bm: :olaf: Olaf
My middle brother plays Olaf. He's also my favorite of Blue Moon's 4 CO's. His abilities allow you to make it snow, and he moves unimpeded in it. He even gets a firepower boost in Dual Strike, even though in that game snow merely doubles fuel consumption and is thus a lot worse. At least then it lasts for two days. And I haven't even talked about Winter's Fury. If you can pop your :super:, you deal 2 damage to everything the foe has AND make it snow, giving you a massive lead. He may not be amazing, but hey, he's Olaf. What can I say?

3: :os: :andy: Andy
Andy is my main, and I like it that way. He is absolutely average in every way save his :super: , which increases HP by 5, movement by 1 and strength by 10%. His :power: is far less intimidating, merely healing 2HP from the things it hits. However, if you want a fair fight, Andy's your man, with no strength to flaunt or weakness to exploit. Just please, do NOT ask him what an Airport is. He has no idea, either.

4: :bm: :grit: Grit
Grit happens to be played by my second youngest brother, wrapping up the four AW players in my family. And jeez, is he overpowered! His direct-combat vehicles lose 20% firepower, but any indirect units gain 20% firepower... and +1 range. In case that doesn't sound game-breaking, here's a little demonstration: :bmartillery: normally has 2~3 range, and that means it won't hit something 4 squares away... unless it's controlled by Grit. Oh, and if it is, thanks to the strength boost, it'll be taken out if it's anything with less defense than a :osmidtank: or if you're playing Kanbei.

5: :ge: :eagle: Eagle
Eagle is the first CO of Green Earth, and he is a little broken in the right hands. Why? His powers, that's why. His :power: , Lightning Drive, allows him to move anything that isn't a footsoldier AGAIN with halved firepower. And his :super: , Lightning Strike, removes the strength penalty entirely. AW2 was definitely his low point, as in that game, Lightning Drive merely boosted the stats of aircraft. That actually leads into his :skill: : all of his air units gain +15% firepower and +10% defense, and burns 2 less units of fuel, while his navy loses a whopping +30% attack. Needless to say, using a :gebship: is completely out of the question.

6: :os: :max: Max
Max is certainly the guy who IS seems to constantly be nerfing, even though he as already at a low in AW2. In the original Advance Wars, his non-infantry direct-combat units boasted a whopping +50% firepower, which was offset by losing one square of indirect-combat unit range and 10% firepower. Needless to say, this was... an inadequate downside, so they cut his firepower boost to 20%. His :power: and :super: grant him +10% and +30% extra direct firepower and +1 or +2 movement, respectively... unless you're in Dual Strike. There, although the firepower penalty to indirects was lifted, Max still has a range debuff, and on top of that, his powers don't even increase movement speed anymore! Ridiculous, right? He can also be seen as the inverse of Grit; his directs are buffed, his indirects nerfed.

7: :os: :sami: Sami
Sami is an infantry and mech specialist. This means that any :osinfantry: and :osmech: units she deploys gains +30% firepower and captures structures 50% faster than those of other CO's. Her transport units also gain +1 movement, apart from Dual Strike (seriously, what is it with Dual Strike?). She loses +10% firepower on other direct-combat units, so one could say this is a slight inversion of Max. Her :power: increases the power and movement of her footsoldiers, but her :super: not only doubles this, it grants them instant capture regardless of HP! I just wonder why she ISN't ridiculous by this point.

8: :yc: :kanbei: Kanbei
This is one odd CO. Kanbei has +20% firepower and +20% defense, but suffers an equivalent cost penalty. And while having to pay 1200 for infantry isn't too bad, wait until you have to pay 9600 to buy Anti-Air units. It doesn't stop there, though- in AW2, his army instead gains 30% attack and defense, making him even more deadly. That said, you do need to play an agressive capture game to successfully use him. However, should you succeed, you will be able to show your foes the way of the samurai.

9: :yc: :sonja: Sonja
In the first game, Kanbei's daughter doesn't have a lot going for her, unless you play primarily with Fog. She gains +1 vision in Fog of War, and the enemy is unable to determine her HP values. However, she DOES suffer from bad luck- whereas other CO's might do extra damage to foes, Sonja also has a chance to do LESS damage. Go fig. Anyway... her :skill: changes from game to game. It ends there in AW1, but in AW2 her counterattacks are 50% stronger, and in Dual Strike she reduces enemy defense by one star, making plains like roads to them. Her :power: and :super: further increase her vision, allowing her to see in forests without being next to them, and do crazy things like striking first on counterattacks and make HQ's like plains for the foe. Sonja is meant to be a strategy-based CO, and is played mostly in fog due to her buffs being most helpful there.

10: :ge: :drake: Drake
Drake is by far the most overlooked CO of the original cast, even more so than Sonja. His navy gets +1 movement and +25% defense, it rains more frequently when he's around and he's immune to the effects of rain (minus vision reduction), but his air force has -20% attack. Why is this a problem? Because the navy in Advance Wars is expensive. To put it simply, a non-Kanbei :gebship: costs a whopping 28,000G, making it the single most expensive unit in the game. Thankfully, he has another redeeming quality. His CO powers deal 1 and 2 points of damage, respectively, increase navel defenses by 10% and drain the foe's fuel by half. On top of that, his :super: also makes it rain. If you find yourself facing him, defeat him QUICKLY before he can use his :super: , or it's going to be a long game.

11: :bh: :sturm: Sturm
This guy is a literal alien. Sturm is unique because his units don't have to suffer movement penalties when crossing rough terrain, except when it snows. On top of that, he has Kanbei's defenses, but offenses comparable to Grit's direct units on for EVERYTHING. He has no :power: , but his :super: drops an actual freaking meteor, dealing 4 damage to anything it hits. But this is AW1 VS mode Sturm. In campaign mode his day-to-day stats are basically those of Grimm, and his Meteor Strike deals 8 points of damage. And then there's AW2, where he has +20% attack AND defense on top of day-to-day movement and 8 damage Meteor Strike- albeit this one taking longer to charge. Sturm is undoubtedly broken in AW2, and that may be why they killed him off afterwards. He is dangerously broken, and is banned in most competitive circuits.
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