An Honest CO Review, Part II

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An Honest CO Review, Part II

Post by GlitchWarrior » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:14 am

This is part 2 of my Advance Wars CO review series. This will cover the BHR co's, from Hachi to Hawke, in order of appearance in story (or, in Hachi's case, date of debut).

:os: :hachids: Hachi
This guy is more banned than any other CO has ever been banned (except maybe Sturm). Technically he's an AW1 character, but since this is his first playable appearance, I'll rate him here. He gets 10% discounts on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING with NO penalty. That's not the worst of it, though- his :power: costs 3 :smallstar: and his :super: costs 2 more :bigstar: , and they give him some NICE buffs. Barter cuts costs down to half of their normal amount, and Merchant's Union does the same- with the added bonus of turning your cities into bases for a turn. This guy is pretty dang busted, people!

:bh: :flakds: Flak
I actually like Flak. I don't know why. There's just something about his gimmick and his dumb muscle that makes me like him. His abilities allow his units to deal extra damage or less damage, depending on how much the gunfire actually hits- meaning his entire game is based around lucky hits. And that's something I always found neat. Truth is, Flak is the big brute, and happens to be able to do who knows what. Too bad he thinks :bhbomber: are indirect units.

:bh: :lashds: Lash
Lash just so happens to be my top pick in Black Hole at the time, for so many reasons. Maybe because she's an upbeat inventor who just so happens to be hellbent on the destruction of all mankind. Or maybe it's because she happens to get a 10% strength bonus (5% in DS) for every :tagaffinity: on her terrain. Or perhaps it's because her :super: doubles her terrain stars. Who cares? I like her.

:bm: :colinds: Colin
This broken little guy happens to be the one Blue Moon CO I can't stand to fight. He has it all- a cheap, spammable, and powerful :power: , a 20% discount on all units... the only thing he doesn't have is power. But who needs that when you can Zerg Rush the board with loads of :bmmidtank: ? I really can't say much else about Colin, he just uses... cheap tactics. :D

:bh: :adderds: Adder
Adder is a movement pro. His CO bar is quite small, and each power increases movement by 1 or 2 spaces for every unit on the board. Let that sink in- Max gets that in AW1 and AW2, but for one more star, albeit with power boosts. Adder is also totally bland day-to-day, so he has no real disadvantage.

:yc: :senseids: Sensei
This guy is ridiculous. In terms of power, he's a lot worse on maps without airports, but when they DO exist, they EXIST. Sensei's entire game is about feeding :ycinfantry: to his foes so he can use his :power: to get more :ycinfantry: and power up his ACTUAL force, his :ycbcopter: . Said copters already have massive firepower, so being Sensei, he has a lot going for him. Did I mention Copter Command only costs :smallstar: :smallstar: ?

:ge: :jessds: Jess
Jess is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, her ground vehicles gain +10% attack power. On the other hand, everything else loses 10% attack power. This can be quite annoying when in the early-game :geinfantry: spam stage, but quite rewarding when in the late-game :getank: / :geartillery: rush stage. Gotta say, that's kind of useful, especially since her powers not only boost the boosts, they restock her inventories as well.

:bh: :hawkeds: Hawke
Hawke is the last regular Black Hole CO (unless you count Clone Andy or the Bolt Guard), and dang, there's a lot of controversy around him. He gets Jess' 10% firepower increase on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. However, his CO bar is LONG, coming in at :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: . A lot of people believe his power boost is enough to make him top-tier, when in fact others claim it's a rather small buff. Still, he can be a powerful foe on bigger maps, since his powers can actually mess things up HORRIBLY for you, and unless you're Andy, there's not much of a way to fix it.
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