WWN Campaign Day 6 *Dies*

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WWN Campaign Day 6 *Dies*

Post by Liam » Wed Aug 16, 2006 2:59 am

Right, the Campaign is now under my management.


Andy - Frank
Max - Terragent
Jake - Atticus
Olaf - Lego
Sonja - Marceux
Grimm - Terrorboy
Eagle - Kiltman2
Drake - Laureola
Jess - DTaeKim
Flak - RadioShadow
Adder - Fal
Hawke - Gameshark
Jugger - CO Frosty
Koal - Kireato
Javier - Baboonius
Von Bolt - Nobody


Kanbei - Dark Conscience
Lash - Deoxy
Colin - X0
Sensei - YuGiOh15
Grit - Nembras
Sasha - Tassadar
Sami - ALTF4


Sturm - ???
Kindle - ???


The Campaign Map is only updated from the battles that have finished, I have no idea who is capturing what til I either get the orders from Sven or from the CICs.

Top Row: Port Sambridge 4.0 Intersite, The Pheasant Has No Agenda Remix, Mountainring Widened.

Second Row: Winding Cliff, Outgrowing Urbanization, Power On Redone, Snail Mail Influenced, Calaveras Isle.

Third Row: 128 Squares Remix, 2p A Narrow Castle Moat Redone, Whirly, Citywar Redone, Riptide Banks.

Fourth Row: Bean Island x2 Redone, Shin Sen Sluice, Battle Forts Redone, 1 on 1, Bos bij een Meertje

Bottom Row: Dizziness, Gyroptic, Fresh Meat (2).


CIC Frank







Movement allowed for a CO is two. Capture times are a universal three days for both neutral and hostile properties. Any questions you can ask via MSN/PM.

Battlewise, it's going to go by a set formula. If you win a battle, you get a credit. Mercenaries can be deployed anywhere a normal CO of yours could be. They can do any action a normal CO can do. If your mercenary loses, they don't get paid and you get your credit back. If they win, their price increases by one for future use, and you make the payment.

Current mercenary prices:

1 - Kanbei - Dark Conscience
1 - Lash - Deoxy
1 - Colin - X0
1 - Sensei - YuGiOh15
1 - Grit - Nembras
1 - Sasha - Tassadar
1 - Sami - ALTF4
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Post by Liam » Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:00 am


As the Allied Nations came back from the Omega Land conflict, they expected to return home to peace and quiet. They were wrong...

OS- Nell and Andy were left behind to hold Macro Land against the reamining BH forces. Nell was confident that BH would soon crumble forever. Her confidence would be her downfall. In a daring raid on OS under Adder, Nell was killed and Andy was captured. BH forces controlled OS until OS forces from Omega Land returned. Andy, was tortured brutally by Flak and Adder and returned to OS as their pawn. Sami, Max, Jake and Rachel were left devasted by the death of their commander. Rachel left the armed forces and her whereabouts are unknown. Jake, Sami and Max soon realised that Andy was a pawn for something bigger, but could not speak out against Andy, since he had turned OS into a dictatorship formed around himself. Disgusted, they left OS. Sami, left to become a mercenary but like Rachel her whereabouts are unknown. Jake, left for YC since Adder told him that he knew who Nell's killer was and that Adder could help Jake get revenge on him. Max, left for the last country he perceived to be 'good', GE.

Olaf, believing he could dispose of Andy easily and take control of OS, attempted to do so. Instead, he was snared in Andy's trap. Andy forced him to become a CO in OS' Army or otherwise face death. Jugger, who repented for his actions in the Omega Land conflict, left Kindle and with Koal left for Macro Land to help out the remnants of the Allied Nations. They however, lost each in Fog and Jugger was captured by OS. He was reprogrammed to serve Andy. Von Bolt, somehow survived the last battle of Omega Land. Andy, knowing Von Bolt had only a short time to live, offered Von Bolt a chance to once again try to gain immortality. Von Bolt, seeing no other choice, agreed.

BM- With the departure of Olaf, Grit was left in charge. He, however had no interest of looking after BM and was still grieving over the death of his old friend, Nell. Colin, was left confused by the events that had taken place and became closer to Grit, who he began to look at as a father figure. Sasha, decided to leave BM as soon as the Omega Land Conflict ended and became a Mercenary. She was soon to be followed by her comrades...

Hawke, having taken Von Bolt's chair, came back to Macro Land after restoring Omega Land. He realised that war was brewing again, and realised that he would once again have an important part to play in this conflict. Grit, noticing Hawke's return, offered Hawke the position of Head of BM. Hawke accepted, Grit taking Colin with him to become Mercenaries. Hawke immediately started recruiting COs to form the new BM Army. Flak, joined Hawke. Hawke believed that Flak was only loyal to him and trusted Flak with his life, believing that Adder had forced Flak to do his bidding. Drake, left GE with Jess' allowance to join BM to help out Hawke. Sonja, unable to go home to YC also joined BM giving Hawke an impressive range of COs to work with.

GE- Eagle, watching his love Sami falling into despair tried to comfort her. When she left OS Eagle tried to find out where she'd gone. On a journey that took many months, spanning several continents was unable to find her. Returning to GE, he found that he had been replaced by Jess as CIC of GE. Disgusted, he prepared to leave GE but Jess managed to talk him around. Javier, was promoted to second in command with the departure of Drake to help out Hawke and the new BM Army. Max, joined GE and quickly developed a friendship with Jess. Max brought much experience to the table, but his heart was darkened by the death of his close friend Nell and Andy's fall into darkness. He had made a promise to himself to get revenge for Nell and this would prove to be important in the coming days.

YC- YC quickly fell to Adder and Flak, as Kanbei couldn't hold YC by himself. Kanbei was forced to flee and became a mercenary in the hopes of gaining back his kingdom one day. Adder quickly proclaimed himself the Emperor of YC. Sensei, in his 90s became a Mercenary for the 3rd time in his lifetime having to avoid Adder and his forces as he returned to Macro Land. Sonja, could not return to YC and joined Hawke's BM. Grimm, sadly was still naive as ever and Adder managed to keep him as a YC CO by bribing him with doughnuts. Grimm's inability to look past food, did not realise Adder was actually evil.

Koal, after he was separated from Jugger wandered into YC terrority. There he, like Jugger and Olaf was captured and forced to join YC. Unlike the other 2, he remained true biding his time to help the Allied Nations. Jake, lured by Adder's promises was blinded by his rage at Nell's killer to realise what YC was actually up to.

Others- Lash, unable to find Hawke and unwilling to return with the Allied Nations to Macro Land, left them and became a Mercenary willing to do anything for money. Kindle, left by her Bolt Guard comrades, has disappeared. Whispers of an old evil returning who is controlling everything from behind the scenes has spread across Macro Land, but have been dismissed as plain nonsense.


Day 1 Battle Dialogue:

Bos bij een Meertje: (Adder Defends, Drake Attacks)

Hawke: You're coming close to Yellow Comet Terrority Drake, let's see who they send to face you.
Drake: Fine, but can I ask a question Hawke?
Hawke: ...
Drake: Why do you trust Flak?
Adder: Good question that.
Drake: Adder! So you're my opponent.
Adder: Yes indeed, you have no chance against Emperor Adder of Yellow Comet! Heh heh heh...

Winding Cliff: (Max Defends, Andy Attacks)

Max: I still can't stop thinking about her, how I'll never see her warm caring face again. Damn it! Then they turn Andy to their side. Why, why, WHY!!!
Andy: Ah Max, still crying over me and Nell? How touching.
Max: What do you want Andy?
Andy: To prove to you I am stronger than all you pathetic ex-OS COs, the power I've gained is unbelievable.
Max: Open your eyes Andy, you're a puppet. Can't you see that?
Andy: Puppet or not, I shall prove that I'm stronger than you...

Battle Forts Redone: (Eagle Defends, Koal Attacks)

Soldier: Sir, Yellow Comet troops are approaching.
Eagle: Good. Leave me.
(Soldier leaves)
Eagle: *Sigh* I had it all, a woman who loved me, CIC of an Army and considerable power in Green Earth. How the tables have turned, I have nothing. I should have left Green Earth, I shouldn't have let Jess talk me around.
Koal: Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness Eagle.
Eagle: When did you get here?
Koal: Just now.
Eagle: So Koal, ready to withstand the might of Eagle?

Dizziness: (Javier Defends, Jake Attacks)

Jake: Rachel, I'll get revenge for you yo! I'll prove that I was worthy of serving OS bro.
Javier: Ah the mighty Jake, you have much honour young sir. Tell me, why do you fight for Yellow Comet?
Jake: Why should I tell you, you posh fag? Word.
Javier: Javier is mightly insulted!
Jake: Well come on then dog, try and beat me!
Javier: I will Jake, and hopefully I can open your eyes young sir!


Day 5 Battle Dialogue:

Whirly: (??? defends, Von Bolt Attacks)

???: Everything goes as planned I assume?
???: Yes my lord, the war has been instigated by Andy and Adder.
???: Good
Soldier: Sir! OS troops approach.
???: I'll deal with these.
???: No Kindle, I'll deal with it.
Kindle: But my Lord Sturm-
Sturm: I said I'll deal with it.

Von Bolt: Andy said Hhh... there would be... Hhh... a foe to face here. Hhh... But I see... Hhh... No sign of anyone.
Sturm: So Andy has sent Von Bolt to face me? My succesor, or should I say predecessor.
Von Bolt: Who... Hhh... are you?
Sturm: Your CIC.
Von Bolt: But... Hhh... Andy is our... Hhh... CIC.
Sturm: Don't be naive Von Bolt. You've heard the rumours. I'm back.
Von Bolt: And... Hhh... Who are you?
Sturm: ...
Von Bolt: It does not... Hhh... matter who... Hhh... you are. I will... Hhh... still beat you.
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Post by Liam » Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:01 am

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Post by Kireato » Wed Aug 16, 2006 5:38 am

Well... Kilt got booted. =/
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Post by thefalman » Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:00 pm

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