I'm testing out a map...

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I'm testing out a map...

Post by Kireato » Thu Sep 14, 2006 10:29 pm

I'm Blue Moon in all of these games.
AET and boot are set at 4 days.
DS units aren't banned. (unecessary)
Banned COs are:Colin, Grit, Hachi, Kanbei, Rachel, Sami, Sensei.
Income is set at 1500/city.

Name: Plain test 1
Password: 111

Name: Plain test 2
Password: 222
Special conditions: FOW, Sonja banned.

Name: Plain test 3
Password: 333
Special conditions: random weather

Name: Plain test 4
Password: plain pain
Special conditions: join as Grit

I think that's it.
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