Choose Your Army map! (seeking suggestions)

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Choose Your Army map! (seeking suggestions)

Post by Delta_Angelfire » Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:17 am

So, Gip made a fun map where you get to choose one of five PD armies and then just go at it. We're looking for "mini-army" ideas.

There's a fifty unit limit, and 5 slots are dedicated Three Landers, and a "chooser" tank (or two)
So we're looking for ideas of 9-unit armies that would be relatively balanced.
at least one space must be dedicated to a capturing unit (infantry, mech, or bike)

Formation A - 1 Wartank, 2 MD Tanks, 5 Tanks, 1 Mech
Formation B - 3 Anti Tanks, 3 Anti Air, 3 Infantry

Restrictions - No Rockets, No Battleships, no Air (except possibly Duster)

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