requesting and showing spritework

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requesting and showing spritework

Post by airob » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:47 am

well i need some unit sprites i can´t find anywhere!!!.the ones i need:

1-- piperrunners(all the armys if posible)

2--all units in black hole army(all units in black)

3--backgrounds of HQs, and all terrain in desert and wasteland mode

4-black boat(all armys if posibble)

5--stealth(orange star,yellow comet)

6--ozium(all armys if posiblle)

i need them for a little something i wanna do
also you can use this post to show any spritework(only) you might have if you want

as for me i have this gif i made:


the last infantry got moved really quickly :wink: and the words they say are in spanish

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