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Amateur map(s)

Post by Ali-baba » Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:12 am

Name: Stronghold
Type: War Room
Size: 25x15
Game: Advance Wars 2
Human Player: Blue
CPU: Black
Suggested COs: Hawk vs. Flak
*Black Hole inventions


I've recently come up with this one. I am not sure whether it is a good map.
I planned, you follow the southern road. The mini cannons are choke points, so I made a path to the south.
The enemy will move the tank located on its HQ towards the player and it'll reach in an a short time, therefore I made a defensive mountain ring.
The northern road was not made for crossing, since it is so narrow and your movement would be hindered at the bridge. My strategy would be to get a hold of the enemy's base there and hold that area.

The question is: How good is this map? Aren't there too many places the enemy can attack from? Is it too long or just right?

I've had a test run on it.
At first the AI opposed a minor threat with the aforementioned tank.
I rust the bases on my side of the river (neutral, black). The AI was too stupid to protect its own base. After deploying infantry it just left it alone.
The next phase was getting the base before the cannons and holding a defensive position, trapping the enemy tanks in-between the cannons. On the north side I deployed an MD tank and went defensive also.
3rd phase: I started getting rid of the mini cannons. While doing this, I noticed that the enemy's not concentrating much on the northern side, so I decided to rush its HQ.
In the end I ended up owning everything. If I'd decided to win with rout, I would have only taken a few more turns to beat the map.

  • The 4 mini cannons destroyed.
  • The enemy still owning the airport and the base near it
  • Laser cannon destroyed (only in phase two, but it wasn't necessary to deal with it at all)
  • Also, the missile silos and the NW airport were unnecessary as well
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