Beware of boredom

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Beware of boredom

Post by ThunderWalker » Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:39 am

I was bored and wrote this during the Christmas holiday. Beware of boredom. Especially when that bored person loves to write.

Lash has always been a somewhat curious oddity in the AW cast. Utterly insane, loving explosions end big guns, yet inventing the Black Boat and the Black Crystal. This one-shot touches upon that as well as what happened after Von Bolt died, but oh well. *yawns*

Sami paced through the corridors. Lash wanted a talk, and requested an audience with her in her room. Sami cursed inside herself. What could that insane girl want? Andy said she settled down a lot since the last war. He even fell in love with her.
Sami could not really believe Lash changed that much. It was Black Hole's mad inventor they were talking about, after all.

As Sami opened the door, she immidiately knew that Andy was right. Lash appeared very frail and worried as she sat on her bunk. A dozen child-safe gizmo's lay scattered across the floor and an almost finished Santa Claus robot was walking around and screaming "ho ho ho" in a heavy, booming voice.

"Hello Sami, it is good to see you," Lash said with a weak smile upon her face. "Hello Lash." Sami couldn't help but smile herself. "It is so good to be here, you know." Sami only nodded, wondering where this conversation was going. This was not the Lash she knew. "You know, I'm in love with Andy for a while now, so I've been settling down a bit. I still like explosions like when I was with Black Hole, but... everything else is different. I'm in a relationship with Andy, Adder and Kindle are dead, Flak and Koal settled down as well, Jugger is with Green Earth, and personally murdering someone is entirely different from ordering someone to do it for you. Being the one to hold the trigger from a close range, was... Did you ever kill someone from a close range, Sami?" "I killed plenty of people as a soldier, but mostly from a distance, and otherwise in situations I would have been killed if I did not kill, but yes, I did. I can tell you, I did not like to kill someone from the distance where you realize he is a human with his emotions, feelings and family." Lash nodded. "Well you know, I have never been personally on the battlefield. But I killed someone once, and he was defenceless at that point. It was the only person I personally knew up to the point I wanted to kill him. Even Kindle wasn't as bad as Adder was."

"You killed Adder?" Sami responded perplexed, interrupting Lash. "You know, I was with him for a while in Blue Moon, where Adder rampaged with his tanks until he stupidly assaulted Grit's fortress. While I did not mind that rampage, more pretty explosions after all, it was what he did to the civilians that enraged me more than once. Torturing everybody that he didn't kill and forcing me to watch these tortures. It really wasn't fun at all to watch that sadistical snake torture children. Red-hot coals, beatings, starvation, everything. And he enjoyed it. The memories of those screaming children will forever haunt me." Tears appeared in Lash's eyes. Sami felt a surge of pity for the girl. "Then, at a dark night, I had prepared some cures, medicines and food, and went over to the cell block where he kept his victims and healed them. They were injured badly, some even on the verge of death, but I knew they would make it if I could keep Adder away. So, I signalled Olaf where he could find them, and... ensured he would charge forth to free them, messing up my defence in the process. I seriously considered to let myself being captured right there, but Olaf still looked like he would kill me as he closed the distance, while Adder was still alive and already took off to Yellow Comet, so I had no choice but to go in hot pursuit, on a quest to kill." Lash paused.

"You know already about my bad relationship with Adder in battling affairs, I do not need to rant about that. It was always messy and Adder's egocentrical mannerisms always made me make fun of him, ever since that ugly moth placed caltrops in my bed, which he did when I was in Orange Star to supervise the construction of the first Black Cannon, amongst other things." Sami nodded as she heard the disgust of Adder everywhere through Lash's voice. It was one of the very few things Lash and Sami had in common. "But in Yellow Comet, I took my chance and installed plastic explosives in Adder's office chair in his beloved Fortress, so I did not have to deal with the messy details. A pity, he had installed a camera to look at his own face from a different viewpoint, so he saw I actually placed them, and ordered one of his soldiers to sit on the chair instead, killing him, while ordering me to clean the mess." Lash took a deap breath.

"But then, Hawke took me with him to Von Bolt after Sturms Death, since Flak was too incompetent, and he did not want Adder with him for obvious reasons. That did not go as expected and it wasn't any fun, even moreso when I felt more like being an actress than being a scientist. Yes, inventing the Black Bomb was fun, but so was creating the Black Boat despite them being like opposites. But when any of the Bolt Guard was near, I was forced to play the act, and Hawke ordered me to keep it up when we joined you guys. Then, shortly after Von Bolt died, Hawke held a meeting between the former Black Hole CO's except Adder, but Adder invited himself anyway at Hawke's, and attempted to kill Hawke, Flak, Koal and me. He only heard bad news there. Hawke and I told we would disband Black Hole. Koal told he would settle down in Yellow Comet and learn more about what he actually wanted to be. Jugger told he would go to a Green Earth research facility. Flak told he had a girlfriend and became a succesful wrestler. That aggrevated Adder more than anything else. He was so jealous of Flak, especially as Kindle, his former and only girlfriend, had committed suicide shortly after Von Bolt's death. Then, as Adder continued talking about how he wanted to kill us, Flak kicked the gun out of Adder's hands, and then proceeded to seize him. I then grabbed the gun, and shot several bullets through Adder's pale, ugly face once Flak had threw him to the ground. We all felt rather bad about stooping down to his level, but at least he came to his end within a minute." Lash had a grim smile as she continued talking. "Then, Hawke and I parted ways, making our own decisions, whereas Flak returned to his life as a wrestler. I did no longer have to play the actress, and I felt I had to save at least one life for every one I have killed, or ordered to be killed, and that's why I joined Orange Star. The Black Boat and the Crystals were projects heading towards that goal even when I was still with Black Hole, but Von Bolt and Kindle built a generator underneath those Crystals so they started to drain the ground to feed that old should-have-been-dead Von Bolt and his massive Oozium, but that is not what the Black crystal naturally does. I designed a new generator for them so the crystals can now flow energy back into the nature, hopefully stopping the incoming famine in Omega Land. They are being constructed as we speak." Sami nodded. Rachel had briefed her about this project a few weeks ago.

"Here. If you don't believe what I said about Flak." Lash took a television guide from a shelf, and pointed at something she had highlighted. "All-stars wrestling. Heavyweight finals; "Flak the Cannon" versus "Dynamite Donny". "I'm gonna watch it tonight with Andy, it will be soo much fun, and I want to see his cute face with an expression full of surprise," Lash said gleefully. Sami was even more surprised, but glad to hear Flak was not much of a threat anymore, at least outside of the wrestling ring.

"So..." Sami wanted to start the conversation again, and she wanted to know why Lash told her all kind of this. Maybe she just wanted others to know her side of the story. "Oh yes, you get where we are going, even after our detour? Here are the blueprints. Take them to the medical lab here, that's why I wanted to talk to you in the first place. They contain some cures to heal even the nastiest wounds. Bullet wounds, nasty burns, severed muscles, everything. The medical lab on this base can quickly figure out if I have been lying or not, since I don't even doubt many will not believe me on my word." Sami smiled. "But I made a Christmas gift for Olaf. And no, it won't blow up. I love advanced robotical technology far too much to have it simply blow up in someone's face. But don't tell him yet, RoboSanta isn't even finished yet. Oh, and my robot toys here for Colin-boy aren't done yet either. But Andy and I can construct basically everything together, sometimes with some more necessary manpower, but we will always manage." Lash smiled. "I know you can," Sami responded with a smile, as she opened the door, the recipes and samples in her hand. Silently, she was glad to have this new ally. Strange she may be, a former enemy she is, but her technical knowledge could make or break the next war, which will eventually come. Eventually.

Hope you enjoyed reading my little story.
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Dark Wave

Re: Beware of boredom

Post by Dark Wave » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:17 pm

This was quite nice. I enjoyed it reading it. Worth the 5-10 minutes. :) The best thing about it was seeing a realistic side of the BH COs that makes them more like actual human beings - they're not all one-dimensional cruel, destructive idiots. It was realistic, too. Good job.

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Re: Beware of boredom

Post by hawkesnightmare » Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:08 am

Damn, just...damn. It didn't seem like some of those afterstories fit, like Kindle committing suicide and Koal settling down in Yellow Comet for self reflection, but it was very good.
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