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AWDS Custom Maps by Azure

Post by AzureTranquility » Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:53 pm

Series 01(Between Missions 22 and 23 time-wise);
Map 01: Island Retreat!
Map 02: Tasteful Trump!
Map 03: Neo Wars!
Map 04: Macro Match!

Series 02(After Final Mission);
Map 05: Class Reunion (Max VS Grit VS Nell VS Olaf)
Map 06: Rivals Again! (Andy VS Eagle VS Hawke)
Map 07: Tower Power! (Jess+Max & Eagle+Hawke & Drake+Colin VS C-Javier)
Map 08: Odd Couples! (Jess+Jake VS Sonja+Lash VS Eagle+Sami VS Andy+Hawke)
Map 09: Sister's Union! (Nell+Rachel VS Kindle & Koal & Jugger)
Map 10: Von Bolt's Revenge! (Andy+Eagle & Kanbei+Javier & Olaf+Grit VS Von Bolt+C-Hawke)

This is a series of custom maps I made in AWDS, with a bit of a story to each one. I think of it was the closest thing we'll get to DLC, even though you have to re-work the maps yourself. At least then you could make them harder!

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