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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Someone » Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:58 pm

Recon (adjustment)
-Special Ability:
>Allow Infantry (& Mech but not Bike) Units in their movement range to Double Time (+1 Movement).


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Oroborous » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:03 am

Blimp Gunship:
appearance: armored Blimp with multiple underside mounted miniguns/turrets

Cost: 25 000


Primary: 5 missles used on Battle Copters, Bombers and Naval Vehicles excluding the Subs.
Cruiser 60%
Battleship 80%
Lander 90%
Battle Copters 90%
Carriers 80%
Gunboats 90%
Bombers 70%

Secondary: Heated Armour Piercing Rounds from underside mounted Miniguns for use on Ground Units and Naval Vehicles excluding the Subs.
Ammo: 8
In + Mch = 90%
Anti-Air = 70%
Tanks = 80%
Md Tank = 70%
Neotank = 70%
War Tank = 60%
Artillery = 80%
Rockets = 80%
Missles = 80%
Recon = 80%
APC = 80%

Defense: Similar to Wartank, Weak against Anti - Airs, Missles, Fighters and Cruisers.
Cannot be Attack by Ground Unit Direct Fire. But can be damaged by about 30% by Ground/Naval Indirects.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Platinum_Dragon » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:09 am

Blimp Gunship is stronger than battleship, and cheaper than battleship. Either price change, or weaken the attacks.
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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Himmel-Befehlshaber » Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:20 pm

Unit Name: Propaganda Riot
Cost: 4800
Defense: Recon Unit
Main Weapon: Downgraded Side-arms
MW Ammo: Inf.
Secondary Weapon: Molotov Cocktails
SW Ammo: 8
Unit Movement: Foot
Fuel: 40
First Prototype: Town Propaganda
Movement Range: 3 Squares
Line of Sight: 2 Squares
Unit Focus: Anti-Ground Assault
Special Ability: Cannot Capture Bases
Biography: Trained from prospect words and goodwill, these physically untrained men and women of action strive to barbarically enrage themselves to the enemy. Although lacking formations, they range almost as twice as many as a Soldier in union. Basically beating the hell out of infantry while throwing Molotov Cocktail in tanks.


Unit Name: Baton Probes
Cost: 7000
Defense: Recon Unit
Main Weapon: Ar-12 EMP gun
MW Ammo: 8
Side Weapon: Anti-Flesh Stun Baton
SW Ammo: Inf.
Unit Movement: Wheeled
Fuel: 50 (Consumes 3 per day)
First Prototype: :os:
Movement Range: 5 Squares
Line of Sight: 2 Squares
Unit Focus: Disabling Unit
Special Ability: All attacks give a chance to stun a target.
Biography: Baton Probes were originated from an unknown and disbanded organization from its alpha release, orange star discovered a lost citadel wherein these probes were produced as they were trained for mechanics, OS Engineer Max tends to modify the Baton Probes with an Ar-12 EMP gun for tank assaults , small yet formidable groups of toy car sized robots that can deal a "shocking" experience.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Platinum_Dragon » Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:16 pm

Propaganda Riot is an anti-air infantry, and others in the pass few years have stated, "We do not want any more infantry type units."
Note: Recon and APC is consider an infantry type unit in "Real Wars." We already have plenty of infantry units. Add the bike from DoR is possible because it is weak enough.

Baton Probes is just another tank like unit (with good anti-infantry), kind of like the a-air / tank combo, but it's price make it the same tier as a-air and tank, so there's no usage of it because tanks and a-air already exist. We don't need multiple units that do the same thing because they cannot merge when they get damage.

Units are in the same tier when their price are within 2000G.

Effectiveness of units is due to uniform ability, that is massing the same type of units because
1) You can merge weaker units
2) They are cheap so you can out number your enemy

In player versus player, it is important to keep temple, number, and position superiority by having mass unit of the same type.
Most wars shall have Infantry (Meat Shield), Artillery (Damage), Tank (Spear). The Spear is use when you poke holes through the enemy's meat shield. You want to be able to mop up their Artillery. Artillery is the bulk of your ability to damage (tanks in very spacious grounds). Infantries are the bulk of the army because they are use to capture properties, and to protect your indirect units as a shield.
Most topics are 6 months old. It is so tempting to revive them.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Himmel-Befehlshaber » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:14 pm

Hmm....well....I can see that DoR has enough infantry....but I would agree despite that DoR has nothing to do with AW2.

well, I have a lot in mind actually...Here's one that's definitely into no need...


Unit Name: CSV (Combat.Service.Vehicle)
Cost: 11000
Defense: APC
Main Weapon: Iris-12 Cannon Shell (Tank)
MW Ammo: 2
Side Weapon: AS-05 Recon SMG
SW Ammo: Inf.
Unit Movement: Wheeled
Fuel: 50 (Consumes 3 per day)
First Prototype: :ge:
Movement Range: 4 Squares
Line of Sight: 3 Squares
Unit Focus: Supply Carrier
Special Ability: Supplies units wih APC things (duh!), can carry 1 infantry unit..
Biography: As the Green Earth's supplies are lacking due to the more frequent attacks, they have built a modified version of an APC renaming it into the CSV or (Combat Service Vehicle), a wandering supply offering tank unit along with the help of Jess in terms of weapon stability, these CSV are ready to defend and supply.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Platinum_Dragon » Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:18 pm

I want to say, import the Bike unit from Days of Ruin, and decrease the Mech's price to 2500. This would bring Md Tank to 10500G + movement difference + ammo difference between mechs and md tanks. Maybe import the Md Tank from Days of Ruin (Days of Ruin's War Tank is the same comparative stats Md Tank in earlier versions). Importing DoR's Md Tank (and label it differently to tell the difference) would increase the efficiency of the higher tier units. Import the Antitank is also a good idea. Import the MegaTank from Dual Strike, and then make a tank unit in between Neotank and MegaTank. The reason to have more units in between is to increase the efficiency of the higher tier units. Higher tier units increase efficiency if you increase the tiers in between, not above (because they would then be broken).

One of the idea I want is to take units from both Dual Strike and Days of Ruin to combine into a Large Collection of units, and then add more units to make a more equally spaced tiers by filling units to the upper tiers.
Most topics are 6 months old. It is so tempting to revive them.

As I'm consider 80 percentile or better for my age group, My Brain Age and Wii Sport's Fitness Test says I'm 60 years old before I complete my first two decade of life.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by airob » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:55 am

mmm kamikaze copter
move: 9
this copter is made of parts of the previously destroyed copters and the guy who is piloting it losed all that mattered on his life so he wants to die so the cost is 1000
vision:it can see anything,anywhere,anyone....including in forest, reefs and so...
secondary weapon missile: slightly weaker than those of stealth fighters...
PRIMARY WEAPON: sacrifices itself and booms an enemy base(destroy it and dissapears of the map)or any other enemy property
the "BOOM" does 15 damage to the direct attacked unit...and 12 to the others in a 5 space range(the five space range does not kill units but they can´t be repaired untli they stay the 2 hp extra in base or city )
defense: when it´s going to be does a kamikaze attack inmediatly
this unit decease does not count for tecnique

"play-dumb" infantry
move: 1
vision: 1+1-1
machine gun: it just a decoy so it´s attack is 1/100 of a normal infantry
effect: it carries a lot of money so all units disobey it´s CO and pursue and attack this unit...when it´s going to be killed
this infantry shoots itself in a lot of dinamite it carries too so it "BOOMS" and destroys all enemy units whiting a 2 space area
cost: it carries money so it is 30000
defense: it dies with one attack including if it is a 1HP infatry and including if it is a counterattack :gesalute:


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Guest » Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:15 pm

I have made a few units, and a building with a hopefully interesting game mechanic. I know there is a lot of infantry units already, but I just want to toss out my two cents.

Research Lab
Allows the holder to research new technology to aquire new units and upgrade others. Research takes time, and it varies depending on the unit being researched.

Assault Inf.
Cost: 4500
Move: 2
Primary Weapon: Mini Gun (9/9)
The mini gun can rip through infantry and mechs without much difficulty. It can even do decent damage against recons and tanks.
Secondary Weapons: Machine Gun
The MG is the Assault Infantry's last resort weapon. It's standard issue, so it can't do much against vehicles.
Defense: It's better than a mech's but only slightly
Other Notes: This is one unit that requires research to aquire. It cost's 2500 to research this particular unit. Research takes two turns.

I'll post the ithers later. BTW this is my first post here. Yay me.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Snowdog330 » Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:53 am

Technology developed by :bh: Black Hole
Unit type: Tank
Cost: 23500
Movement of 5 Spaces not impaired by forests or other terrain. May not move over mountains or rivers (Standard tank Movement)
Primary Weapon: A 9 Ammo Electro Charge, Hits tanks and other mechanical units Very Very effectivly, The electro pulse causes them to overload and explode.
Secondary Weapon: A never ending charge that Hits infantry, Not nearly as strong as the first attack is against tanks
Counter Attack has the same stats as the attacks

Attacks against all kinds of units drains gas by half of how much %dmg is done so 50% = 25 gas
Attacks against ground units lower their movement by half for the next turn disabling the chance for them to escape
Attacks against air force the unit to move 2 spaces into a random direction by malfunctioning the computer navigating systems on the air vehicle
Maximum of 5 of theese per army
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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by UserShadow7989 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:36 pm

Cannon Platform
Movement: Tread, 3 Spaces
Cost: 18000
Range: 3-8
Weapon 1:Lock-on Missle. Ammo: 3
Can target any non-hidden/dived unit within range, but does little damage. Best to soften up enemy units for your beefier stuff. Does 1/2 the damage an Artillary does to ground and sea forces, and 1/4 the amount missles do to air units.
Weapon 2:N/A
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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Delta_Angelfire » Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:00 pm

Like many other wrecks repaired and re-purposed for combat after the meteors fell, these lightly armored but highly versatile units have become a staple for fighting in the rough swampland areas in the unreclaimed areas of Rubinelle and Lazuria.

Cost - 6000
Movement - 5, Airboat, Fuel- 70
-1 cost for Sea, Mist, River, Shoal
-2 cost for Plain, Road, Properties
-3 cost for Ruin, Forest, Wasteland
-impassable Rough, Reef, Mountain
Armor - as Recon/Gunboat, whichever is worse.
Weapon 1 - Chain Gun - As Recon
Weapon 2 - None
May carry 1 Infantry or Mech unit


WindRider Bomb

Cost - 5000
Movement - 6, Air, Fuel 30
Armor - Can only be attacked by weapons that deal 90 or more base damage to a Tcopter. Takes 30 more damage than a T-copter would.
Weapon 1 - Kamikaze
Base Damage:
- 100 vs Recon, Rocket, Missile, Gunboat
- 85 vs Flare, AntiAir, Artillery, Rig
- 55 vs Inf
- 45 vs Mech, Bike, Tank, Anti-Tank, Cruiser, Lander
- 25 vs MD, Carrier, Battleship, Submarine
- 10 vs Wartank
This unit is destroyed after attacking


Cost - 16000
Movement - 5, Tread, Fuel 40
Armor - as MDTank
Weapon 1 - Omni Cannon - 4
- Deals damage as a Battleship vs Ground or Sea, and as an AA vs Air.
Weapon 2 - None


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by GEOxSONIA » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:48 am

Name : Pick-up Truck

Special : Can carry up to 4 infantry/ mech units, refuel foot soldiers.

Offense : none at first. attack power rises as more units are loaded on.

Defense : none at first. defense rises as more units are loaded on.

Price : 4500 G

Fuel : 100

Movement : Tires



Post by GEOxSONIA » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:52 am


Cost: 100, or can be freely deployed at any city
What it does: Kills all of oppoentns units staright away, and just to be sure captures everything and [launches all missile silos,] and detsroys all crystals, [black obelisks,] pipe seams, fortresesses, mini and big cannons and everything else you can think of.
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where was this thing when i was trying to destroy that damn black obelisk in Crystal Calamity?


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by guest » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:56 am

Name : Airship

Special : A heavily-armed weapon used to finish a war. Has a direct mode, indirect mode, and a counter mode.


Primary: Omega Cannon Version 12 : Annihilates all units it combats until the airship is brought down to 7HP.
Ammo : 6.

Secondary : Alpha Turrets Version 20 : Has a slightly lower attack percentage than a megatank (slightly higher than an A-Air's for air units).
Ammo: Infinite


Primary : Annihilation Rockets Version 16 : Same as Omega Cannon.
Range: 3-7
Ammo : 6

Secondary : Defense Turrets Version 3 : Direct weapon used only when an airship in indirect mode is attacked. Does same damage as Md Tank M gun.
Ammo: Infinite


Primary : Destroyer Cannon Version 32 : if airship in counter mode is attacked directly, if this still has ammo it will fire. More powerful than the Omega Cannon, it OHKOs everything until it reaches 4HP.
Ammo: 3

Secondary : Strikeback Missile Version 41 : Used when Destroyer Cannon runs out of ammo or if attacked by an indirect. Attack power is equal to the Alpha Turrets.
Ammo : infinite.

Cost : 310000 G

Movement : Plane

NOTES : -- To build an airship, you will need at least 10 properties under your control, minus the HQ.
-- You will also need 2 factories to produce the airship, these 2 can be part of the 10 properties.
-- Because of it's heavy duty nature, it takes 3 days to produce at an airport, and that airport can't do anything else during that time.
-- Once again since it's heavily armed, the airship will require 2 days to finish turning into another mode.
-- When producing an airship, you get to choose the mode it starts in.
-- Unless you're using 6500 + G, you will probably only use this late in the game.
-- Can also transport up to 4 foot soldiers. Or 2 vehicles. Or 3 Copters. Or 1 plane (other than another airship).

One last thing. This thing will pwn your ass. Hard.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by ThunderWalker » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:59 pm

Lol necrobump, lol Hachi.

Good, when designing dumb units, design another sniper. Period.

Dumbass Sniper:
Cost: 1 - can be deployed from every property.
Movement: 100, Air
Vision: 100, piercing vision
Offense: Equal to ooziums (always OHKO). Firing range = 1-100
Defense: Equal to Megatanks
Special: Has instant capture.

This unit is great. It makes Colin and Hachi less broken because everybody can pay just only 1 G for an unit that owns everything, while it is unable to charge COP's at all. Nobody builds something else, so COP's will never charge. The main problem is that OS always wins the game, but that doesn't matter at all, does it?
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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by GEOxSONIA » Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:27 am

I forgot about somethings about the pick-up truck:

Movement : 10. So that it doesn't run out of fuel in 10 turns fully moved and never supplied, it only uses 1 fuel point per 2 tiles.

Abbreviation : PTrck.

And the airship's mine. My sister thought that the username was n00bish and made me change it, so...

Movement : 10. Just like the PTrck, it uses fuel every 2 tiles.

Abbreviation : AShip

And if you're wondering why the AShip is so broken, it's cause it's supposed to be heavily armed since it was designed as a final assault weapon to completely annihilate a nation after a quick assault, plus it's so expensive, and to me, I only use high funds when I'm bored to death or when I'm getting unit production/funds spent medals in DS/DoR. So, yeah, and I think most people play with 1000 funds anyway.well, bye!


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by GEOxSONIA » Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:51 pm


Cost : 7000 G

Weapons: N/A

Special : Just like an APC, it resupplies units that are around it manually using the "Supply" command or automatically at the start of each turn, can carry 1 inf or mech, and has no weapons. However, it's defense is slightly below a tank's, and foot soldiers inside or adjacent to the ambulance is healed 2HP.



Post by MisterVercetti » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:14 pm

Name: Scout
Type: Infantry
Cost: 2000
Range: 1
Move: 3
Vision: 2 (+3 on mountains, as standard for foot soldiers)
Fuel: 99
Approx. Defense: Typical squishy foot soldiers...
Primary Weapon: N/A
Secondary Weapon: Machine Gun
Ammo: N/A
Targets: Infantry, Vehicles (if you're crazy)
Approx. Strength: Between an Infantry and a Mech
Other Effects: Can use forests to hide regardless of whether or not Fog of War is in play. Can lead to some neat ambush tactics (place Scout in woods, bait superstrong enemy unit, idiot enemy makes a beeline for said bait and runs right into Scout, your own units rush and destroy target unit next turn).


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by MisterVercetti » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:20 pm

Name: Layer
Type: Vehicle, Tire B
Cost: 8000
Range: 1
Move: 6
Vision: 1
Fuel: 70
Approx. Defense: Roughly equal to a Recon
Primary Weapon: Mine
Ammo: 7
Targets: Infantry, Vehicles
Approx. Strength: Deals 3 damage to all units regardless.
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Other Effects: In a typical sense, the Layer has no offensive capabilities in and of itself. It cannot engage enemy units, and it cannot counterattack. Instead, the Layer lays mines. Provided the space isn't occupied by another unit, the Layer can lay mines on an adjacent space. The mine is invisible to enemies and, when triggered by a ground unit, deals 3 damage to the unit and stops it in its tracks. (Your units, on the other hand, can pass over your own mines unharmed.) Great for chokepoint defense and for all-around sneaky tactics.


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by MisterVercetti » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:23 pm

Name: Sweeper
Type: Vehicle, Tire B
Cost: 5000
Range: 0
Move: 7
Vision: 2
Fuel: 99
Approx. Defense: Roughly equal to a Recon
Primary Weapon: N/A
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Other Effects: The Sweeper is essentially the Anti-Layer. While the Sweeper has no means of offense, it can detect enemy mines within a three square radius of itself. If there's an enemy mine within its detection range, the Sweeper can move next to it and disarm it on its next turn. Essential when your enemy likes to use mine tactics.


Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by MisterVercetti » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:31 pm

Name: Duster
Type: Air (Plane)
Cost: 15000
Range: 1
Move: 7
Vision: 7
Fuel: 70
Approx. Defense: About the air-unit equivalent of a Recon.
Primary Weapon: N/A
Secondary Weapon: Machine Gun
Targets: Infantry, Vehicles, Copters, Planes
Approx. Strength: About the same as in Days of Ruin, though its effectiveness against copters is reduced due to the Duster's new primary function.
Other Effects: Like in Days of Ruin, the Duster is a good all-around air unit that, while not nearly as strong as its more specialized counterparts, is still reliable in a pinch (though don't expect it to rip up copters like it used to). Instead, the Duster's true usefulness can be seen in Fog of War. With its incredible vision range of 7 (the highest of any AW unit ever) combined with its status as an air unit (meaning units can't hide from it in woods or reefs), the Duster can totally ruin your enemy's Fog of War tactics (or your own, if an enemy uses them!). Just be sure to keep it well-defended, as a Fighter or Anti-Air will make mincemeat of it in quick time.

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Re: Make a Unit here.

Post by Sniffit II » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:13 am

Here's one Terrorboy and I came up with (partly as injoke purposes).

Type: Land (mostly)
Cost: 20000
Range: Direct weapon
Movement: 5 on land, 4 when submerged
Vision: 2
Fuel: 65
Defense: Stronger than an MD. Tank, weaker than Neotank, although, resistant to air, when submerged, can only be fired on like a sub, but has weaker deep-sea defense than a sub
Primary Weapon: Rockets (4 ammo) Completely wastes all non-infantry land units smaller than an MD tank, which will survive (just), also: does significant damage to sea units, and medium/high damage to air units.
Secondary weapon: Machine gun (unlimited ammo: duh) does medium damage to infantry. Does little damage to copters also.
Rebuild: 15 (whatever Rebuild is)
Other Effects: Can't be loaded into landers, is invisible to all except subs when sumberged, and also cannot attack land and air units when submerged. Gets one defense star from any cover that would usually provide any level of defense, except for HQ, where it gets 3 defense. Also, it can be seen in terrain which usually provides visual cover even in fog of war.
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