CCO Shillelagh

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CCO Shillelagh

Post by FerrishTheFish » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:23 pm

CCO Shillelagh

Affil: :ge:


Legend has it that the three great Green Earth COs drew straws to determine who would gain ownership of each realm. Eagle drew the longest straw, so he became the ruler of air units. Jess drew the middle straw, so she became the queen of land units. Drake drew the shortest straw, so he got stuck with the 4 leftover uni--I mean, became the master of sea units. Sometime later, Javier, also an excellent land-based CO, showed up and, being rather forward, asked Jess if she would imbue his blade with stabby might. Let's just say Jess is still the queen of land units, and Javier is now a lackluster CO as dependent on a gimmicky property as Captain America is on Super Soldier Serum.

It was in this highly-specialized community that Chief Petty Officer Shillelagh had to struggle to establish her niche. All of the obvious paths were taken: air, land, sea, gimmick, ... Shillelagh decided that she would go where no man, woman, child, invalid, alien, or robot had gone before: ARTILLERY. ON. MOUNTAINS.

Shillelagh stripped the basic indirect units down to the bare essentials, increasing their speed and mobility to the point where they could climb mountains, then increased their firepower while still keeping that extra mobility. She also attempted to reverse-engineer Grit's range-increasing modification, but what she got turned out to be too bulky, so she had to discard it. Still, with the existing modifications to her arsenal, Shillelagh felt confident in asking the Green Earth COs to accept her into their ranks.

The COs were not very impressed with this uppity Chief Petty Officer and her impatient, poorly-planned attacks, and turned her down after defeating her easily in mock battles. When Shillelagh failed to report in for duty the next day, and the next, and the next, they assumed she had simply "forgotten" to submit her letter of resignation and would never be seen again.

So, understandably, they had no response beyond slack-jawed amazement when several months later, Shillelagh not only reported in for duty but challenged them all to rematches! Eagle was so shocked, he began shouting incoherently about clones and had to be restrained by Drake and Jess (Javier couldn't help because he twirled his 'stache the wrong way in the commotion). After restoring his facial hair to a more dignified appearance, Javier loudly accepted Shillelagh's challenge, ignoring the muffled sounds of Drake yelling, "Quick, grab his legs, Jess!", Jess yelling, "Javier! Get your *** back here!", and the medical unit yelling, "Hold him still, I can't find the vein!" But Shillelagh had learned from her mistakes: she had equipped her Infantry with the reverse-engineered range modifier she had previously discarded, allowing them to attack from two squares away. This combined with increased footsoldier firepower and superior transport unit movement allowed her to keep a surprising edge in the struggle for controlling the Comm. Towers, and she defeated Javier in short order.

Next up was Jess, who had previously defeated Shillelagh due to her over-reliance on indirect units and poor overall army composition. To Jess's great surprise, not only had Shillelagh improved her army composition, Shillelagh's light and Md. tanks now stood up to her own! Unable to regain her momentum or hold off at the choke-point (Artillery on mountains, anybody?), Jess also fell to the improved Shillelagh.

After making sure Eagle was soundly sleeping, Drake took the helm against Shillelagh. Drake had been watching the previous two battles (albeit, from a slightly more uncomfortable position) and knew that Shillelagh had made no improvements to her navy. What he missed, though, was that Shillelagh had managed to (somewhat) conquer her weather and fuel problems with the help of new COPs. It was a long, hard-fought battle, but in the end, even Drake proved unable to adapt to the radical new strategies of the mountaineering artillery and the sniper infantry.

Several days later, when Eagle had recovered from a massive overdose of sedatives, the final showdown took place. At first, the battle appeared to be going well for Eagle. He had managed to minimize his losses to Shillelagh's superior land units and was just about to bring his famous air force to bear ... when Shillelagh's AA units came out of nowhere, climbed mountains, got money, and wrecked ****. The End.

:hit: Artillery On Mountains
:miss: Artillery Not On Mountains

:skill: Artillery and AA have +1 movement and can traverse mountains (Mountains cost them 4 movement points).
Transport units have +1 movement.
Light/Md. tanks are 110/100.
Infantry (NOT Mechs) gain +1 attack range.
Bombers, Copters, and Subs are 85/100.

:power: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: Fast-Paced
Artillery are 110/110 with +2 movement and +1 range.
AA are 110/110 with +2 movement.
Other Indirect units are 110/110 with +1 range (no movement bonus).
Transport units are 100/110 with +2 movement.
Light/Md. tanks are 120/110 with +1 movement.
All other units gain +10% def.
All units have +1 vision, are not hindered by terrain (Artillery/AAs are still hindered by mountains, but cost is reduced to 3).
All land units (NOT air or sea units) are completely refueled.

"Try to keep up!"
"I don't have time for this!"

:super: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: Hunter's Cry
Artillery are 130/110 with +2 movement and +2 range.
AA are 130/110 with +2 movement.
Other Indirect units are 130/110 with +1 movement and +1 range.
Transport units are 100/120 with +2 movement.
Light/Md. tanks become 130/110 with +2 movement.
All other units gain +10% def.
All units have +2 vision, can see into forests/reefs, are not hindered by terrain or weather (Artillery/AAs are still hindered by mountains, but cost is reduced to 3).
All land units (NOT air or sea units) are completely refueled.

"If you run, I will catch you. If you hide, I will find you!"

Victory: "Don't waste my time."
"Remember ... Defeat will teach you more than victory."
"Climb /\s, get $$$."

Shillelagh/Jess: 120% (Land Dominance)
Shillelagh/Sonja: 115% (Master Tacticians)
Shillelagh/Nell: 110% (Irish And We Know It)
Shillelagh/Lash: 105% (Begrudging Partners)

Shillelagh/Von Bolt: 90% (Von Bolt Smells Funny)
Shillelagh/Grimm: 80% (Grimm Is A ****ing Caveman)


Her overall philosophy is to be defensive in skills yet fast and aggressive in setting up her units at good spots: in other words, you can't hold the choke point if you get there second. I'm trying to make her not broken. Thoughts?
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Re: CCO Shillelagh

Post by Xenesis » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:28 am

The sheer power of this guy is incredible...

Even that D2D ability's going to put a lot of COs to shame. At worst this guy is basically a souped up Grimm. The +1 attack range on infantry is amazing and will mean that any inf-tradeoffs are going to be towards this guy.

I'd personally say - pick one idea for his abilities and run through with that. Either the mountainwalk, the increased attack range or the berserker attack.
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Re: CCO Shillelagh

Post by FerrishTheFish » Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:58 am

Hey. Don't even compare Shillelagh with Grimm. 'Lelagh's indirect units are 130/90 because they are technologically superior. Grimm's units are 130/80 because he's a ****ing caveman.

JK, I see your point. I'll focus on mountaineering Artillery. Because ... I mean ... Artillery on mountains ...

Just out of curiosity, though, what do you think would balance out an Infantry with +1 attack range? I really do want to roll with this idea if at all possible, so what kind of nerf to offense and/or defense would be needed? I feel like turning Infantry into completely indirect units (with the same range as Max's Artillery) would actually be a disadvantage, because they could only attack once per turn and couldn't counterattack even if they got attacked more than once in one turn. Maybe if I made their ranged attack 40/100 and their up-close attack 80/100?

PS Shillelagh is a woman (it's a female name for cryin' out loud). Picture my portrait except with curly shoulder-length flaming red hair. Oh, and no beard.
"Sorry, Jimmy, you know how it is. Hawke used his SCOP, we all drew straws ... and you lost. Goodbye, Jimmy."

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