Single-Player Maps High Scores and Strategy

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Re: Single-Player Maps High Scores and Strategy

Postby ALAKTORN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:28 am

Been trying to get Fragment Isles 10/450 but now that’s a crumpets record. The map is so stupid, the AI can either build every day next to HQ or never build anything other than the starting 2 Infs and 1 more soldier for the most part, but the manipulation makes no fudge sense and seems to require crumpets Dusters that really don’t help with winning quickly. Bomber can OHKO Plain soldiers but every time you kill one the AI just builds it back, it’s fudge stupid, I have no idea how you’re supposed to capture them both on D10. I once captured Yellow on D10 but I couldn’t even drop at Blue. Getting them both seems so ridiculous, you just don’t have enough strong units to deal even with just the 3 unavoidable soldiers the AI builds, even if you let the Yellow TC load the Inf and the various BCs/Dusters help you out by attacking each other, it’s fudge impossible. On D7 you can have both isles filled with units or only the 3 soldiers on each side, for no apparent fudge reason.

11/434 134P I think I’m on the right track… both Infs were hit to 8HP so I couldn’t win on D10. D1 TC, D2 Duster, D3 Inf + TC, D5 Bomber. Duster moves on HQ and attacks S Inf, then 2S and kills it, TC protects cap 1S. Duster 1S 1W destroys TC. Bomber must move 6sq within the W Yellow Factory to manipulate an AA there. The interactions N with Yellow Infs and Black BC must end so there’s only 1 Yellow Inf with 4 or 5HP, then the Mech is built there (RN 29 works). Blue BC must go attack the Bike and will help around the Yellow HQ for the rest of the game. D6 TC build just to go close Blue Factory on D8. Then I’m not really sure what to do, use Bomber/Duster to kill the soldiers around HQ and block the Factories. COZ Rockets can OHKO Plain soldiers. D6 vid: Oh and the stupid thing is that I’m not using a CO unit, because it wastes too much money.

T14 Fragment Isles 10/450 FUDGE YES BABY!!!! This requires so much luck, oh my god. I’ll try to write a D2D, but it’s gonna be hard.

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Re: Single-Player Maps High Scores and Strategy

Postby DxDyDzD » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:42 pm

Awesome. Verified C5 6/450 on console.

Have you done Peril Maze 9/450 yet? Your score on CS is still 10/450.

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Re: Single-Player Maps High Scores and Strategy

Postby ALAKTORN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:09 pm

DxDyDzD wrote:Have you done Peril Maze 9/450 yet? Your score on CS is still 10/450.

No, I want to figure that out myself later on.

T14 Fragment Isles 10/450 D2D. I changed my strategy to remove some of the luck required, but it’s still incredibly random and requires a ton of luck. I’m sure a better strategy is possible… but I cba to bang my head against this anymore. I now allow Lin to build the extra Mech near the HQ and let her TC help bring away an Infantry, because the luck required otherwise is too much coupled with keeping 7HP after Brenner’s Inf attack (0 Luck). Edit: …AI D5 is a complete and utter mess. My new strategy may not be that much better than getting the Mech built away from HQ…

Day 1
- Build T Copter from the southern Airport.

Day 2
- Move T Copter 4E.
- Build Duster from the northern Airport.

Day 3
- Move T Copter 5E.
- Move Duster 8E.
- Build Infantry from the southern Factory.
- Build T Copter from the northern Airport.

Day 4
- Attack southern Infantry from HQ.
- Load Infantry onto T Copter, move T Copter 6N and drop south.
- Move remaining T Copter 6E.
- Save.

Enemy Day 4
- Brenner’s T Copter must move 5S 1W.

Day 5
- Move Duster 2S and destroy Infantry.
- Begin capturing the HQ.
- Move northern T Copter 1S 1E.
- Move remaining T Copter 3E 3N.
- Build Bomber from northern Airport.
- Save.

Enemy Day 5
- Your Infantry must keep 7HP.

Day 6
- Continue capturing the HQ.
- Move wounded T Copter 1W 1N.
- Move remaining T Copter 1E.
- Save.
- Move Duster 1W 1S and destroy T Copter.
- Move Bomber 4N 3E.
- Build T Copter from northern Airport.
- Save.

Enemy Day 6
- Isabella’s Duster must attack Brenner’s Infantry and her B Copter must attack Lin’s Bike from east.
- Lin must move her T Copter 6E. She must also not move a wounded Infantry on top of a Factory. If this doesn’t happen, you might have to restart the map.

Day 7
- Finish capturing the HQ.
- Build 2 Infantry from the newly captured Factories.
- Destroy Infantry from the north with Bomber.
- Attack the other Infantry with Duster from the Factory.
- Load CO onto newly built T Copter and move 6E.
- Save.

Enemy Day 7
- Isabella’s B Copter must destroy Bike without moving and the Duster must attack Infantry.
- Lin must attack Isabella’s B Copter with Infantry, load the other Infantry onto T Copter, and build a Bike near the HQ.

Day 8
- Move Duster 2E 1N and destroy Infantry.
- Move CO T Copter 6N.
- Destroy Mech with Bomber.
- Load both Infantry onto T Copters.
- Move northern T Copter 2N 2W and drop north.
- Move remaining T Copter 3N 3E and drop east.
- Build Rockets from the eastern Factory next to your HQ.
- Save.

Enemy Day 8
- Your Infantry must keep full HP.

Day 9
- Move CO T Copter 1N 5E.
- Save.
- If Bike is in range, destroy it with Rockets.
- Move Bomber 7E and destroy Mech.
- Begin capturing both HQs.
- Move Duster 1S 6E and destroy Infantry if available.
- Move low HP T Copter 1N 1E.

Day 10
- Finish capturing both HQs.

Attacks (worst case scenario):
50% 52% +100
94% +100
104% +100
54% 50% +100
114% +100
94% +100
43% +100

I didn’t mention it because I think it might not change anything, but Lin builds the Mech near the HQ in this D2D. She can build it N very very rarely, but I don’t think that affects anything…

Edit: Finally got it on DS, took over an hour. This map is insane. On D5 there are a lot of things that must go well, but I don’t know what they are, so I only listed what must happen on D6 (what happens is probably consistent and relies on how D5 went).
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Re: Single-Player Maps High Scores and Strategy

Postby ALAKTORN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:52 am

While sleeping last night I noticed what a stupid mistake I made in my Fragment Isles D2D. You don’t need to keep 7HP… just attack E Infantry first then S Infantry and let them be at 5HP each. You drop 1N instead of 1S and need Brenner to have 1 single wounded Inf next to HQ, so you can shield with TCs. That way capping Brenner is easy, you’ll need more moves to max Power but it makes reproducibility so much better. Edit: Just tested this and got Mech built N, it didn’t work… Looks like no Infantry moves S of HQ so Isabella’s Duster attacks me instead… in my video where it works the Duster retreated but that’s RNG I guess.

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Re: Single-Player Maps High Scores and Strategy

Postby GipFace » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:37 am

OK dxdydzd get 'er done. Massive luck required like most of these silly high scores.

C2 A Single Life 4/419 D2D (120S 149P 150T)

Inf 1S
Tank 2E
Arty 2E

Inf must go 1S1W and attack tank. Tank must have 10hp remaining.

Arty KO 6hp recon (171P)
Inf 1N1E

Inf must go 1S and wait.

Arty KO 8HP recon (172P)
Tank 1S KO 4hp inf (172P)
Inf 2N

7hp tank attack inf: 43-48%. Tank must only deal 43%-44%. 6hp inf counters 2-7%. Inf must deal at least 4%.

Arty KO 7hp tank (157P)
Tank 2N1E attack bike (73P). Bike must have 3hp remaining. Ideally the tank should deal 78%-79%.
Inf 1E

3hp bike attacks inf: 15-17%. Inf must be at 5hp. Inf counters 22-27% and KOs.

Power: 745 / 5 = 149

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