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Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:52 pm
by DxDyDzD
It's possible to win in 5 days with the lab map by capture too.

OS: Colin with 2 money skills, forest move = 1
BM: either
Any: +10 partner def, 3 money skills
Sensei: +20 snow attack, plains move = 1, +2 capture, +10 luck
Sasha: +5 partner attack, +8 partner attack, 2 money skills
Max: +20 snow attack, plains move = 1, +2 capture, +1 APC move

OS builds D1 Inf + APC and caps the city, that's all it needs to do.
BM builds D1 N Recon + S Inf, D2 N APC and switch COs. D3 attack base Inf to 3HP (Sensei) or 2HP (Max), drop Inf on plains, build Recon N. AI D3 must hit Inf to 8HP, not 7. D4 cap, use 2 Recons and APC to block the Tank, D5 win.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:41 pm
Lol, nice. I didn’t even think about using OS to cap the City. I’m more interested in Any strats though so I prefer the rout.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:58 am
by DxDyDzD
Lash's Test 4/300 rout :)

Jake: Brawler, Pathfinder, Luck, Star Power
Rachel: Teamwork, Synergy, Pathfinder, Star Power

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:35 am
Wow, nice job! :0

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Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:22 pm
by DxDyDzD

HC Verdant Hills 2/300 rout
OS: Koal (+13 partner, plains/forest move = 1) + Jugger (+8 direct, luck, plains move = 1, vision + 2, vision skill wasn't needed)
BM: Grit (+8 indirect, +8 partner, luck, star) + Olaf (+8 indirect, +10 forest, luck, star)

My strat relies on a relatively rare AI movement.The Megatank on the HQ must move W; usually it stays on the HQ instead.

More combinations are possible for OS.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:39 pm
Lol wow, nice. You think it’s only possible in HC?

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:40 am
by DxDyDzD
I'm very close to charging a full Tag in NC but I just can't do it.

There's also the question of how you're going to kill the Mech in the center. Maxed Grimm (+13 partner, +13 direct, 10 luck, Sensei as partner) on OS can't do it, his Tank deals 93 damage with full luck. Jake only gives +1 range so the NE Rockets can't reach it. If you give both BM COs plains AND forest move = 1, they would be able to reach the Mech with the E Recon (assuming Jake is in the back on D2).

I sacrificed the Recon, but still couldn't charge a Tag. You can use the APC, but it charges 0.8 instead of 1.0. And of course giving up two slots for non-attack skills means it's harder to damage enemy units to charge the Tag.

Small note, I lost 4 units (D1 Mech and Recon got killed, D2 2 Mechs suicided on Md Tanks). You start with 19 units among both armies and OS can only build 2 per turn, so that's 23 total. You can't lose any more units without dropping Tech, unless there's some rounding crumpets that I'm not aware of.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 6:15 pm
by DxDyDzD
New record, Muck Amok NC 3/300 rout
Grimm: +8 direct, +20 sandstorm, +10 luck, plains move = 1
Sensei: +20 sandstorm, +10 luck, plains move = 1, Soul of Hachi

Hawke: +13 indirect, +20 sandstorm, +10 luck
Lash: +13 partner attack

BM moves its APC on D1 and sacrifices it on D2 to make the N Oozium move onto plains instead of tower.
OS puts its APC 2E of the SE city in preparation for Sensei's SCOP Mech. After Tag on D2, load SE Mech, join other 2 Mechs, move TCop back near HQ, build 2 Recons. Then switch to Grimm and advance all HQ units.
The Neotank must skip an attack on D2 Grimm's turn to move closer to the Missiles.
HQ Oozium is killed by Tag Grimm's Recon attacking it on the city, then COP Grimm's Recon attacking it on the plains.

Hawke can do up to 4 damage to Ooziums every time he attacks.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 9:23 pm
by DxDyDzD
The Long March NC 3/300 rout

OS: Jake + Rachel, switch to Rachel on D2
BM: Sasha + Colin

OS Tags, BM COPs to stop enemy Tag.

Hardest part is OHKOing BBoat with Plains Art on D1. Base damage is 72, max luck is 29, so you need to roll 28 or 29 for the kill.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:28 am
HC M24 Pincer Strike 2/300 must be possible… Edit: I just noticed this map is basically the same in C and HC, so it should be possible in C too.


The AA moving to block the path can move S depending on how you move your BM units, but I can’t understand the logic behind it. Recons/Arty positions seem to be what affect it. Sami + Lash/Koal should be the best teams, Lash may be best.

I think this is possible and it’s the hardest record in the game luck-wise. AI Jugger is both a blessing and a curse. Even with cheat codes I can’t get what I want…



11744 charged ;_;

12128 ;_________; I finally got the BS to attack MD over 6HP Rockets and the Rockets to attack Neo over Arty… /// 12160… /// 12224 /// 12288… /// 12320 ;___; /// got the exact same with Koal. /// Think I found a way that doesn’t require Pathfinder for either CO, but idk what to use to charge more…

12384 :( I think that means I’m 0.26 away from TAG…

I can’t believe I got so close but can’t do it. .__. /// 12416 ._. dealt 4HP to Rockets with Recon D1 so my Rockets got hit to 5HP instead of 6HP. /// Same with Koal, this got complicated. Didn’t use Synergy with Koal and had to use Pathfinder, so the Rockets stayed at 4HP instead of 3HP, got my Recon hit to 6HP instead of 7HP then suicided to 1HP instead of 3HP, got Neo to 1HP instead of 2HP then suicided on S AA instead of destroying 3HP E Rockets.

12576 basically did the same as with Koal but using Lash, also had my AA go to 1HP then suicided instead of 2HP (seems to give better charge…). Sad. Sami + Lash APC Boost, Pathfinder, Luck, Star Power; Brawler, Ranger, Pathfinder, Luck. Brawler is required for 10HP Tank to 8dmg City Rockets from Plains, Ranger does 1dmg more to BS (without misses by 1%), Pathfinder is only necessary for 2HP MD to reach 7HP AA.
Possible things I’m not doing that might charge more are: Rockets hitting Neo to 1.1HP then it suicides 0–9 on AA; 2HP MD going 5–1 on 7HP AA instead on 4–1. Oh I guess there’s the 6HP Recon too… I’m going 1–7 on the AA but 1–6 is probably possible too or something. But even in the best case scenario where all those things charge more, I’m still not charging TAG. ._.

I have to juggle cheatcodes like mad for this.
9216E594 FDFF0200
0216E2B4 308B486E
D0000000 00000000
press L for my attacks max luck
9216E594 FFFD0002
0216E2B4 09F13E42
D0000000 00000000
press B for Jugger’s attacks max luck
9216E594 FBFF0400
0216E2B4 3AEF863B
D0000000 00000000
press X for attacker’s attack to be weak and get max countered (vs. Jugger/Drake at least)
D1 I hold L and do my attacks, for AI D1 I hold B, do B+A for the first Rockets, cheat RNG to 1, frame advance, uncheat, frame advance until attack then hold B, when AA attacks mine I do L+A to go to 1HP (used to press X), then hold B rest of the way. D2 I juggle L and X depending on if I want to suicide etc.

Been doing this crumpets for probably over 10 hours by now. I can’t believe I can’t get it. I’m so sad.

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Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:21 am
by fcastro
Good job Alaktorn! Do you replay War room too? It would be interesting to make videos for the 5 remaning imperfect scores (Kita 2.0 6/276, Mial 1.0 5/283, Lion 1.5 7/296, Mega 1.0, 5/288 and Stamp 1.0 5/244) and see if we find new ideas for pushing them to 300.

By the way, in Champion Turn Survival I got 86 maps (4-5-4-2-1-1-2-2-2-4-2-3-4-3 and so on). Skills were Sami (Partner +13, star, hachi) and Eagle (transport +1, luck, storm +20, and vision+2 in order to play M5 without blindsave thanks to STL's strategy for 16 days in classic mode. STL said we can reach 90 maps but I don't see how we would recharge Sami's SCOP for map 2 at the 2nd wave: we would need to charge 2.5 stars in map 8 which seems impossible. (Except if we can keep Sami at day 2 and still win but I don't see how?).

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:06 am
I’m not replaying War Room, but I’m interested in making videos of records. If you have any strategies, tell me and I’ll make vids.

Nice job on the new Turn Survival record!

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:40 am
by fcastro
Ok I'll post here. Let's start with Kita 2.0. There are a lot of possible AI moves so maybe it could be improved, either by finding 2 kills (highly implausible) or by making AI build less than 13 (remind that in 2.5 mode, we manip AI to build 10 in 7 days, and here it is 6 days).

Sensei (apc, cap +2, money, ) 6/276, 1/13 killed: At d1-d2 build 2 bb and 4 infs, moves all the way south. Ai builds apc, mech, tank and recon (that would be different if you build only 3 infs). At d3 build lonely inf ; AI must move tand and recon all the way east (else restart game).
At d4 unload 1 inf north from port, destroy your base inf (to manip AI). Way to HQ should be open. At d5 unload your 3 remaining inf from the north beaches, and build cruiser so that AI builds only 13.. AI mech must move 2N so that your 3 infs can kill him. Build for tech.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:01 am
Should move War Room discussion to here: ... 59#p413459

I can’t get an open way to HQ.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 4:49 am
DxD told me to try Sonja for OS in Pincer Strike, I didn’t know that worked for BM. New record: 12768/12800 charged

I’m having a hard time optimizing charge. Skills were Sami: APC Boost, Synergy, Pathfinder, Star Power; Lash: Bruiser, Brawler, Pathfinder, Luck. Pathfinder as Lash is actually useless as I’m not suiciding the 2HP MD on the AA anymore, going for 3HP dmg on a Rockets instead. All that attack is necessary to deal 100% on City Rockets with Tank (85% base, 126Atk + Luck vs. 2 stars Defense). So I’m basically using 1 useless skill and another just to get +1HP dmg to a Rockets. On Sami’s day it charges less to deal more damage to the Rockets in the end so she doesn’t need any extra power. Maybe the S Rockets could be put to 3HP instead of 4HP but put together with Sonja a 2HP Neo can’t suicide on the AA I think. Oozium seemingly can’t be manipulated to go 1S.

Edit: I think my only chance is getting the 6HP AA to refuse attacking in the first wave so the BB can repair 1HP before the attack which should be all I need to charge… /// HOLY crumpets I GOT IT I did B+A on the AA before it to get killed, then held X for the refusals and L for the attack. I think it’s actually 2 waves in a row of refusals, then 3rd wave attack…



Gotta thank DxD for suggesting Sonja in OS. That was key. Skills were as before, except for swapping Pathfinder with Ranger in order to try and get the AA refusals. The way I position the non-attacking Recon D1 actually makes me miss on some charge without Pathfinder (because I have to suicide 1HP Neo before), maybe it’s possible to position the Recon/Neo differently but it’s pointless now.

Edit: Sami + Koal confirmed to work with the exact same strategy! So I guess there’s a bunch of leeway for the refusals, because Lash has +15 Atk compared to Koal but he still works. /// Even Sami + Adder works!!! Adder just needs Road Rage instead of Bruiser, deals exactly 100% to City Rockets with Tank. Everything else stays the same. The AA refusals I guess are mostly all on Jugger’s bad luck, thank god for the machine! /// Oh it seems like Pathfinder for Sonja is actually required for the refusals, otherwise the AA just runs away wave 1. You could probably also just move a unit but… lul.

I thought the exact same strategy would work in Campaign but nope, no Oozium there. Can only charge 12448/12800. Hard Campaign only.


Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:24 am
Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:49 pm
Edit: Here’s a post by fidel which gets some crazy good Javier behaviour though: viewtopic.php?p=350054#p350054
Using that as a base and playing kinda randomly I got N and E Crystals destroyed in D4. N was by the D3 sent Bomber with Defense setting, E was by the D2 Bomber Javier builds I think (or the D3 one, whichever was in range). Nothing was on W side though.

I’m gonna try getting 6/300 or something.

Edit: W and N Crystals destroyed on D4 with Eagle SCOP… I think I can actually get all 3. Defense AI is a wonderful thing. I think D3 sent Bomber attacked Cruiser, then destroyed W Crystal D4; D2 and D3 built Bombers both went to the center and D3 one destroyed the Crystal I think. D3:

Getting W and N is super easy, E not so much. With Javier I did what fidel does (BC + Fighter coming S, sending 3 Infs for silos) but the Silos aren’t necessary for D2 Bomber if your 5HP AA and 7HP Fighter just 2HKO the Fighter on their own. Then that D2 Bomber and the D3 Bomber stayed E for some reason and nicely got the Crystal kill D4. For N it was the D3 Bomber I sent. This seems like the most beneficial D1, I’m trying to get it with Eagle then doing the usual send Inf + Bomber D3 to get in range of the Cruiser/BBoat or whatever to also get W Crystal.

Playing around with Strike/Assault D1 now… allows you to cap E COM Tower without using any cap skills. Edit: So… Assault is actually more defensive than Strike. Strike is insane.

D1 Defense seems good, Cruiser doesn’t go too far and isn’t locked in the corner. Allows for the D3 sent Bomber to reach a Sea unit.

I feel like W Bomber is ignoring 7HP Carrier more often than 1HP Carrier… don’t know why. /// I think Grit top screen would actually be optimal, but AI too stupid to use it properly. 3 moneys make D1 BS instead of Fighter with him. /// Just had an interesting D3 with Javier… E Stealth instead of Bomber, could go for Crystal but of course ignres it and goes to the center. ... _13162.png /// Got it to attack on D5 but it only does like 91 I think. :( /// You can send a single Inf for the Silo on D2 for the Bomber D2 build manipulation. Edit: Single money skill makes that Stealth into a Bomber instead. Trying this with Javier Tower Power, +3 cap, Gold Rush to get the Stealth OHKO on Crystal but he goes and makes a Bomber…

Here’s what I’m thinking for a 6/300: Defense AI, BC + Fighter come S, send a Silo Inf D2 if necessary, AI D2 Bomber, D3 send Inf + Bomber, latter needs to attack W Cruiser, AI D3 Bomber/Stealth; D2 Bomber needs to go to the center, D3 sent Bomber goes for W, D3 Bomber/Stealth needs to go for the E Crystal. Stealth seen attacking it on D5 as Javier with the Fighter at 1HP (after 5HP AA + 7HP Fighter attacks). /// Or… somehow get the 8HP D2 Bomber (COP + 1HP Fighter attack) to move 1E 1N so it’s in range of E Crystal, and D3 Bomber go for the center like it happened right here: I didn’t have the Cruiser W for the D3 sent Bomber though (I didn’t even send it D3, it was D4 welp). // Holy crumpets, this could actually be a D4 win on the top screen… // Hmm nevermind D3 Bomber can’t reach the Crystal on D4, maybe with Eagle SCOP… lol.

Got the D2 Bomber 1N 1E with Fighter dead as Javier… // It made D3 Stealth instead of Bomber though… if it made Bomber and this position was as Eagle… D4 SCOP could destroy all Crystals. // I think Javier 6/300 and Eagle 5/300 are theoretically possible. Btw that was with 2 money, Conquerer, Tower Power Javier.

D3 Bomber built E for some reason (Eagle): // This idiot builds Bomber E and still moves it W. =_= // If D2 Bomber 1N 1E requires the BC to be at 1HP then it’s impossible with Eagle… unless maybe the Fighter goes for the Bomber instead of the BC.

D2 Bomber is going W now wtf. lol 1 money Javier 1 Silo Inf I think. D3 Bomber is always staying E now btw with only a TC alive there… // WTF W and E down on D5 with a clutch General D3+4 (D3 for BC to attack Missiles in range of Carrier so it stays NE; Edit: D4 can or should be Defense actually…), why the hell is D2 Bomber moving so stupidly and not destroying the easiest Crystal. ._.

I won top screen on D5: but the terrible thing is that I don’t remember how I did it, and the input file won’t sync I think… I just know I did it from this D4 save, using Defense AI: D5 sent Rockets to attack 7HP MD to 1HP, then Recon to destroy or put to extremely low 1HP so Bomber goes for Crystal instead (Edit: actually it might just be that by attacking from E the Recon occupies the space Bomber would otherwise use to attack it), the other 2 Bombers destroy the Crystals. // Also, I can’t destroy Grand Bolt… 3 Recons get it down to 16HP after Colin and Javier attacks… not to mention the W built Recon attacked mine so that one’s weaker as well. I did waste a turn with the Rockets though (built 1D too early), so I can maybe make it happen somehow.
Vid: ... /image.png
Game, are you serious. Literally everything is the same except for AI APC being at 3HP instead of 4HP → Bomber suddenly wants to go to the center instead of E.

tfw the AI decides to enter GOD MODE and slalom through every unit to destroy the Crystals.
Colin + Javier: Prairie Dog, Sale Price, Fire Sale, Gold Rush; Tower Power, Conquerer, Invader, Gold Rush
Prairie Dog leftover from Recon usage (useless), Fire Sale actually unnecessary (can just build 3 Infs total instead: send D2, D3, and cap Towers); no idea whether Tower Power or Gold Rush are actually necessary for Javier either.
Comparing the 2 vids I understand now that the crucial moment was Kindle’s D3 N moves. MD/Tank/Arty/APC a bunch of stuff is different, and MD is in a position that can’t be attacked by Rockets and it’s far enough away to not be able to move onto the Woods, thus, sending the Rockets to help destroy it is unnecessary and for some reason the god mode Bomber still destroys the Crystal over hitting anything else. I think with a Crystal gone, the W Bomber is more likely to destroy the Crystal rather than the units… but not sure about that.
Maybe the reason N Bomber goes god mode is because every single unit is in range of Missiles or Piperunner, so there’s no superior positioning in attacking a unit over the Crystal… hmm. Maybe it’s the same thing W with the Carrier…

So Gold Rush is required for D2 Bomber it seems, otherwise MD + Recon or something. // Defense AI is playing like a complete idiot atm… W 2 Bombers went for Carrier instead of Crystal with E Crystal already down, and 1 Bomber moved in range of Missiles to get that kill when the Crystal wasn’t… wtf. // This should confirm that Missiles range are what matters for AI to attack Crystals…

lol got a D3 N Crystal destroyed with Eagle’s SCOP.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:30 am
Been trying HC Reclaim the Skies with Eagle solo but it requires too much luck. It should be possible though. The position:

Skills: Brawler, Sniper, Road Rage, Luck

You can swap Road Rage for Prairie Dog to destroy the SE Bomber but then the center BC stays alive with 1HP and the W 1HP BC suicide is maybe impossible because they just join.

I also tried Grit + Max, and charging TAG with Grit + Koal but I was 1 star away. A team strong enough may be able to get the suicides (Kanbei?) but idk. Here’s Grit + Max, BC + Mech + 2 Bombers suicides required basically:

Edit: Kanbei would need 2 BCs and 2 Bombers suicides, you can charge SCOP with Star Power and going 7–9, 7–5 on the BC with Tanks before Missiles destroy it. SCOP seems too much for the Bombers to attack the AAs though, and the BCs always go for Tanks… :/

Edit: Eagle + any: replace Road Rage for Prairie Dog and use both partner Atk skills. I think this position is winnable for Nell + Rachel (I used cheats to charge SCOP though, but with Star Power it would be easy to charge). I’ve seen the BC suicide on an AA already, and I think the Bombers should be able to suicide too with extreme luck. Didn’t calc it though, and actually doing it is pretty hard… /// Just had a 5–5 Bomber–AA, cheated SCOP again and checked damage, I can deal 101% so yeah it should be possible. If STL wasn’t a bitch and sent me his website or just kept it online I could calc all this, but alas. :| Edit: Actually calculated it and Nell solo is possible, skills: Slam Guard, Luck. /// Jugger solo should be possible Bruiser, Slam Guard, Luck, Star Power. /// Flak solo should be possible Brawler, Slam Guard, Luck. He deals exactly 100% with 6HP AA under SCOP vs. Jugger SCOP Bomber. Edit: Probably messed up positioning in my image, the N Bomber shouldn’t reach the S AA… so attack from S rather than E.

Edit: This Eagle solo position actually works, but it’s still pretty hard to get the luck required. 2 BCs + 3HP Bomber suicide: skills: Bruiser, Brawler, Prairie Dog, Luck. Could switch Bruiser for defense if that’s more helpful.

Eagle solo with just Brawler, Luck should be possible too. 2 10HP BC and 2 3/4HP Bomber suicides.

Kanbei + Javier/Sonja should work mathematically speaking… Bruiser, Brawler, Luck; Teamwork, Synergy, Bodyguard; COP. 160/160 (SCOP) seems too much for BC suicides. /// Sweet! Changed it to Bruiser, Brawler, Slam Guard, Luck; Teamwork, Synergy; COP for 186/138 25 Luck stats (instead of 186/140 25 Luck) and got a BC suicide! It should’ve already been possible before (1080G gain with best outcome) but at least I’ve confirmed it now: as can be seen from the image the BC–Tank can go 8–8 which means it would be a refusal (I think?) so theoretically speaking all suicides are possible. I’ve seen 2 waves of refusals too, though 3rd wave it attacks one of the AAs the Bomber suicides on.

Olaf + any is possible too Brawler, Slam Guard, Luck, Star Power; Teamwork; SCOP. Kinda sad it needs a partner because of Star Power, rip. Anyway, 8HP BCs can deal 78% with these skills, and the Bomber 39% for 7HP AA (80% counter). 143/118 20 Luck.

Rachel + Nell should be possible Brawler, Slam Guard, Slam Shield, Luck; Teamwork, Synergy, Bodyguard; COP. That’s 131/140 65 Luck.

I think that’s all possible combinations.

Re: Campaign and Hard Campaign records

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:53 am
by DxDyDzD
Everyone gets NC M5 5/300. Only Jake finishes on BH's turn.

Image Image Image

Jake strat
+8 direct att, +12 direct def, +2 repair, luck

N Inf 2N
S Inf 2E, cap
Build Tank N

Tank attack Mech, abuse luck for min damage/max counter (6-6)

Tank attack Recon, 10-3
S Mech 2S
Build Tank N

Tank attack Mech, 3-4

S Mech 1N 1E, destroy Tank
Tank attack AA, 10-2, min counter
Tank 1N 5E
N Mech 1N 1E
Build Recon N

Md Tank attack Tank, 5-9

S Mech 1N 1E
10HP Tank destroy road Mech from S
9HP Tank attack Md Tank from S, 5-6
Recon attack Md Tank, 8-4
Mech attack Md Tank, 10-1
Build Recon N

Md Tank suicide on Recon
AA attack Mech, 3-2
Recon attack Mech, 4-3 or 4-4

S Mech 1N 1W, destroy AA
Both Tanks destroy Art from plains
4HP Mech suicide on Mech, 0-8
City Recon 1N 1E, attack Mech 10-1
Base Recon destroy damaged Recon

3HP Mech suicide on 5HP Tank

Max OHKOs the AA. Rachel can't OHKO the Mech on D4, but she can hit it to 2, have it suicide on her Tank 8-0, then use COPed 8+5HP Tanks to destroy the Art.