CCO: Rei Guqat

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CCO: Rei Guqat

Post by Eliwan » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:51 pm

First-- don't be overly, um... evil to me?

Name: Rei Guqat [Last name has no significance here, Rei is pronounced almost the same as "Ray", hence his Powers being related to times/temperatures of day]

Faction/Army: Orange Star :os:

Biography: A boy with a head for tactics. He prefers to rely on skill and defense instead of offense, using his brain over training. Due to his reliance on shifting his strategy, he utilizes his techniques very often and seldom is inable to make them function properly.

Appearance: Image [Yes, the head's not done. I spent like an hour on it.]

:hit: : Surveilance, Pencil, Daylight
:miss: : Fog, Pen, Nighttime

:skill: : [D2D]
Units that have not moved get +1 Sight, and Ground Units also get +10 Defense [when not moving]. [100/110]

*COP/SCOP numbers include D2D bonuses.

:power: COP: :smallstar:
Morning Drop:
-Allows training of factory units at the HQ for this turn
-+0/+10 and Sight boost for ALL units regardless of whether or whether not they moved yet.
-Fuel costs are 0 for this turn. [Movement is not affected, it just doesn't cost fuel]

:super: SCOP: [ :smallstar: ] :bigstar: :bigstar:
Evening Reprieve
-Allows training of factory units at the HQ for this turn
-+10/+10, +1 Sight, forces D2D to be enabled. [110/120 total, +2 Sight]
-Fuel costs are 0 for this turn. [Movement is not affected, it just doesn't cost fuel]
-Mass Heal 2

Power Quotes:
"How about a pick-them-up?" [Just a play on the "pick-me-up" that a sunny day can be]
"Batteries all charged!" [Battery = Artillery term, also solar-charged batteries]
"Percieve the failures in their advance." [Just something that he'd say, needing to get this idea of his across]

A quick-charging CO power that focuses on defense, that also gives Rei the ability to send more units to the enemy-- this is more important on smaller maps with fewer bases-- but still has to pay the money for the unit that he buys, thus not greatly increasing his ability to deploy troops [unless, ofc, he Infantry spams].
The SCOP is... supposed to be weak-weak. Because, y'know, it's pretty bad and only costs 2 stars anyway.
Perhaps it might be broken given that he can use his COP 3 times in a row, but there isn't much to do, and his SCOP is better as it includes a Mass Heal.
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Re: CCO: Rei Guqat

Post by Kilian18 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:47 pm

So let's see:
D2D: If ground-units don't move they''re 100/110 and +1Vision for this turn (I guess the boost ends when his turn starts again and the unit gets moved?)
the D2D looks fine to me, 10 defense isn't all that strong but too strong to have it D2D without weakness, since the boost is only given if the unit doesn't move it's fine. the +1Vision thing doesn't really matter since 99% of all pvp battles are FoW turned off.
COP: All units gain the D2D boost even if they move (including air and sea-units?) and also: did you consider the defaults? that would make all his units 100/120 for this turn instead of 100/110. For 1 Star this Power seems to be OK. That HQ building can be awesome in Predeployed Maps (similar to Hachi) while the no fuel cost and vision doesn't really matter that much (but will a tank that has no fuel left be able to drive 6 spaces during that turn if it needs no fuel?)and by the way, you can't use this power three times in a row unless you have already activated 10 or more powers (which this CO is quite able to do)
SCOP: +10/10 (For All or just for ground? also: +0/10 defaults included?) D2D boost still active (again:just for ground or for al units?) +2 Massheal. Quite a lotgoing on here... 2 mass heal for 3 stars is Andy COP but Andys COP is underpowered anyway. I need more intel about this power to tell if it's good or not. If you answer all my quetions I can tell you more^^

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Re: CCO: Rei Guqat

Post by ThunderWalker » Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:42 pm

Well, Xen's hack's Andy COP is more or less balanced.
+2 Mass Heal

Ofcourse, it should be noted all COP's give +10/10 there and the defense formula is changed, but the latter is worth a mention as it makes firepower boosts comparitively more useful compared to the AW2 defense formula.

That being said, the SCOP of this CO appears balanced to me (and so does the rest). :)
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