MDR - A military strategy game

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MDR - A military strategy game

Post by enexomer » Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:05 am

Hello all,

I've long been a fan of advance wars and years ago I started programming a game that borrowed a few concepts from the series, as well as some of my own ideas. I recently found this forum and saw how people are currently interested in a game on the PC that incorporates the mechanical improvements brought along with AW:DoR, so I thought I'd pick the project back up. I've been working on it for a month now, and it's coming along nicely. I reckon with six months of concerted effort I could probably finish it, but I have heavy (actual) work coming up in the next few months so you shouldn't expect fast updates.

Still, I thought I'd post about it here. Features that may be of interest to you are:
- Different factions with unique armies <-implemented
- More types of deployment properties (infantry-only barracks, bases) as well as militia units that can deploy from cities <- implemented
- Custom commanding officers with abilities that function similarly to AW:DOR
- Aircraft that fly over terrain and do not impede the movement of ground units <-implemented
- Height and terrain temperature, line-of-sight <- implemented
- A passable AI <-implemented but currently too stupid to live
- Network/Online play
- Human-editable rulesets and maps <- implemented
- Supply tracking and resupplying of food, fuel and ammunition, infantry fatigue in harsh conditions <- implemented
- Veterancy
- Units of the same kind sharing ammo, merging, launching and landing, parachuting, carriers and transports, suicide units <-implemented
- Unit visibility and sight acuity stats replace simple vision range, hopefully making ambushes and particularly ranged combat more interesting <- implemented
- Time-of-day and weather <- partly implemented
Thanks to the customisable rules, you'll be able to disable most of the features mentioned above for a more vanilla DOR or AW experience.

Here are some screenshots:

The in-game help system, over a battle between the immortal overlords of the Valley of Silicon and the Highland protection units. The Valley make use of killbots and legged war machines that can fight effectively even in very rough terrain, but their infantry are pretty naff. The Highlanders have a good selection of inexpensive aircraft, fast attacking scout units and excellent footsoldiers.

A beach invasion during the war between the Appelacian free territory and Republic of Acela. Appelacia are a militia-heavy faction, while the Acelan army deploys heavy, powerful units that are crushing in a melee, but aren't very tactically flexible or subtle.

The game is currently playable, but far from finished. I appreciate how important competitive online play is to this community, and once I have finished implementing the basic rules I will try and get an online playable demo out asap. Sorry to dangle this in front of you when I have no time in the next few months to work towards releasing it, but I thought I'd offer this view up and humbly ask for comments and suggestions.


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Re: MDR - A military strategy game

Post by Xenesis » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:15 pm

Neat! Good luck with getting it done. :D
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Re: MDR - A military strategy game

Post by Kireato » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:28 am

It'd be interesting to see what you release before we start suggesting anything. We wouldn't want to start lengthening your to do list before you've implemented what you currently have in mind. Besides, it's hard to grasp how the actual mechanics work from your feature list. (In what way are the armies unique? What is terrain temperature? What is infantry fatigue? What is unit visibility and sight acuity? What does the time of day and weather do? None of the features are explained clearly so there's a lot that needs to be explained about nearly every feature.)

In any case, good luck!
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