Balancing Advance Wars

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Balancing Advance Wars

Post by Fynmorph » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:32 am

How would you balance the game from Dual Strike ? (maybe also from Days of Ruin). I personally think changes in the core mechanics would be:

1. Infantry needs to have less defense.
Or just buff tech units in general so it's easier to OHKO Infantry.

2. Add a ressource in the water (like some cities to capture in the sea, or maybe seashore cities capture-able by boats). Seas and naval fights in general just lack high stakes.

3. Boats need to be cheaper (but they corrected that in Days of Ruin).

4. The Re-Build idea is pretty cool, might be seen as kinda lazy way to get rid of unit spam though (ideally, the units should be balanced directly, beforehand, plus it can make cost calculation a horror).

5. obviously the fudge Anti-Air Missile Launcher might be one of the most useless unit, and it's probably always better to just carry an AA tank, they kinda buffed it in Days of Ruin.

6. Maybe how the Power meter works.

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