Advance Wars 1 RNG

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Advance Wars 1 RNG

Post by ALAKTORN » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:48 am

This game’s RNG is ridiculous. In some maps damage is RNG, but in most it isn’t. Video proof:

Also it seems like the formula is the exact same as in AWDS. I guess they never really touched the RNG until DoR… except for minor things such as AWDS’s RNG having the frame-based advance at the start of AI day which no other AW has.
Just to have it here too:
(x+1)(4x+1) mod 2^30 is the normal formula.
For luck it probably is just like in AWDS (though I didn’t test it):
((x+1)(4x+1) mod 2^30) mod y where y = luck

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