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My Balance Ideas

Post by GlitchWarrior » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:42 am

Advance Wars 2 seems kind of un-balanced, so I figure I might as well fix that! Anyway, this is my Advance Wars 2 balance idea page! Keep in mind that the easiest way to balance everyone is to play with CO powers off. I'm rating 14 of the 19 CO's in the game here- and that's good, because later I'll have to balance Sensei, Sturm and Nell... (shudders)

:bh: Adder :bh:
Adder feels like a COMPLETELY blank slate who needs no buffs or nerfs. Andy's right below him, so you'll see why I don't need to edit him here. He's not at all broken and even brings his own play to the game.

:os: Andy :os:
I'm not changing ANYTHING about Andy. That's his gimmick. In ranked matches, at least in my opinion, he's EXACTLY in the middle of the ladder. And that's why he doesn't need changed. Sure, his COP sucks, but it's kind of hard to alter without breaking it. The most I can think of is moving one of his small stars to his Super CO power, but even THAT feels like it'd make Hyper Repair a bit busted, in my book. Andy doesn't need changed, and he sets the standard for other CO's.

:bm: Colin :bm:
Colin is hard to balance. No, I mean REALLY hard to balance. He's broken, and that's his main problem. His units getting a 20% discount is kind of much for a 10% firepower decrease, and when you bring Gold Rush into the mix, it just becomes too much. But I have to make playing him fun, so...
:skill: 20% discount, 15% power decrease
:power: Gold Rush: Money now multiplies by 1.3 instead of 1.5
This changes Colin's game a bit. Gold Rush is less viable due to it's reduced power. Plus, further reducing his strength makes his cheap units make more sense. The mere 10% power decrease was something Sami managed to get around in AW1, so Colin should have a bigger decrease in strength.

:ge: Drake :ge:
Drake's an underpowered CO. Sure, his special abilities do board damage, but his main thing is the sea, and the navy is EXPENSIVE. The cheapest naval unit in this game costs as much as MISSILES. And that's not even thinking about the BATTLESHIP... But here's how I'd fix him.
:skill: Naval units cost 10% less to build, and gain +1 movement and +20% defense. Aircraft lose -15% firepower. Unaffected by rain.
You may notice that I buffed him by making him a Hachi for navy. It was my best idea. But I also threw in one more loop- I said he's unaffected by rain, and that includes fog vision decrease, which even Sonja only partially gets around. I also slightly buffed his air force, but only slightly as Drake isn't meant to touch it.

:ge: Eagle :ge:
Eagle is a wonderful example about how you do NOT balance a CO. The reason he recieved heavy playtime in AW1 was because his Lightning Strike power charged at an average rate, but allowed all non-infantry to move again at half-strength. Lightning Drive in the third game did just that. But this game's Lightning Drive is absolutely pointless unless your air force is gigantic, and Lightning Strike costs 9 stars; by that time, DS Eagle has pulled 3 Lightning Drives and moved his entire army bar soldiers again. So, how would I fix Eagle?
:power: Lightning Drive: Now costs :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: , but functions like AW3
:super: Lightning Strike: Now costs :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:bh: Flak :bh:
Flak is basically luck times Nell minus Sonja. Okay, enough math. His luck actually has a higher un-powered cap than Nell, but his firepower might drop to Colin's level. No need to balance him, just have to pray to RNGesus, and you're good to go.

:bm: Grit :bm:
I never realized how broken Grit was until my younger brother started maining him. I've only won one match against him since. Maybe because the CO's I played at the time were Hawke and Max, but even when I started playing Kanbei, he wrecked me. Here's why:
:bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmrocket: :bmartillery: :bmartillery: :bmartillery:
So, anyway, the way I nerf Grit is:
:skill: Artillery now have normal strength, but maintain the range boost
See, this was hard to do. My problem is that the range boost is what makes Grit... Grit. He's closer to everyone else's level, but he's still a CO all his own. Grit mirror matches would be TOO common.

:os: Hachi :os:
Hachi can't be easily balanced without changing his core gameplay. And who can blame him? He IS the final reward of the game. But I can't just sit around- he's broken as heck and needs nerfed. Hachi's nerfs include:
:skill: -%10 discounts, but only from bases
:power: Barter: Reduces prices to 30% off from bases, 10% off for other buildings
:super: Merchant's Union: Units built from cities cost normal amount, SCOP now costs :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: , costs for bases, airports, harbors reduced to nerfed Barter's level instead of regular Barter
The main thing I did to balance Hachi was make his discounts less notable. He only gets his day to day discount on bases, and his Barter bonus is reduced drastically. His SCOP is the most adjusted factor- Merchant's Union now produces city-built units at full, 100% cost, and costs two CO stars more, with prices for other buildings reduced to Barter, like in canon.

:bh: Hawke :bh:
A game-wide 10% power increase. No day-to-day-debuff. And a sickeningly long CO power bar for powers that aren't even worth the wait. That's Hawke. I felt a bit cheeky today, so I decided that for Hawke, I'd adjust his CO bar by cutting each bar- by ONE star. A 7-star super power is still a lot, but hey, at least it feels like you're getting your power's worth.
:power: Black Wave: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar:
:super: Black Storm: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:ge: Jess :ge:
Jess is rather unique. Her land vehicles are all buffed by a mere 10%, but everything else loses that same amount of power.
( :geinfantry: Even footsoldiers. :gemech:)
That said... you really don't have to alter Jess' playstyle. She feels... finished. As if there was literally nothing wrong with her! The CO power resupply is another factor that balances out that it only works on land units and doesn't even buff them that much. Jess IS balanced, in my opinion.

:yc: Kanbei :yc:
Kanbei is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting CO's in the game. He's Colin's mirror CO, with 130/130 stats and a 30% firepower decrease. However, that's a big problem. These stats are SCARY. So I decided to water Kanbei down to AW3 standards...
:skill: Units are now 120/120, but cost only 20% more.
Yep. That's all I did.

:bh: Lash :bh:
Lash is HARD to balance. Like I said with Colin, it's hard to find a balance for her. So here's what I did
:skill: half of defense stars converted into firepower.
All AW3 did was halve her passive buff, and that does CRAZY things, as it taught me. She's brought down to normal like this. And it's a good thing. But it waters her down a bit much for some players' taste. But the good news is, she's more normal now. Plus, Prime Tactics is still OP.

:os: Max :os:
Max is an UNDERWHELMING CO. He should be stronger, but he ISN'T. Here's why: his inability to use :osartillery: artillery units is a HUGE nerf. His problem is that range is the reason that you use them. However, I can't buff him by TOO much- just look at him in AW1, he was BROKEN.
:skill: Direct-combat units gain +30% firepower instead of +20%
Yep. That's the solution. Just find a middle-ground.

:os: Nell :os:
Nell. Oh, sweet, sweet Nell. Your sister might not be as broken in AW3, but this game gives you a rep for being broken. The CO powers you have at your disposal let you trash ANYTHING. :bhneotank: Effectively, you can take a Neotank with a 1HP Infantry. :osinfantry: It takes luck, but it CAN work. But all good things must come to an end, so...
:power: Lucky Star: Luck now caps at 4
:super: Lady Luck: Luck now caps at 7
The only way I can effectively cripple Nell is by cutting her Luck. End of story.
:ge: May the flag of Green Earth never fall! :ge:
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